Senate Daily Summary - Monday 20 June 2005

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No. 41/2005

The Senate met from 12.30pm until 11.40pm


The following bills were introduced in the Senate

  • National Animal Welfare Bill 2005 [Private senator’s bill]
  • Tax Laws Amendment (2005 Measures No. 2) Bill 2005

The following bills were considered

Second reading debate continued on the following bills

  • Crimes Legislation Amendment (Telecommunications Interception and Other Measures) Bill 2005
  • Criminal Code Amendment (Suicide Related Material Offences) Bill 2005
  • Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Regular Reviews and Other Measures) Bill 2005

The following bills were passed

Without amendments or requests

  • Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 [The House of Representatives will now consider this bill]
  • New International Tax Arrangements (Foreign-owned Branches and Other Measures) Bill 2005 [This bill will now be assented to]
  • Tax Laws Amendment (2005 Measures No. 3) Bill 2005 [This bill will now be assented to]

With amendments

  • Criminal Code Amendment (Trafficking in Persons Offences) Bill 2004 [2005]–25 Government and 2 Opposition amendments agreed to [The House of Representatives will now consider this bill as amended]
  • Family Law Amendment Bill 2005–3 Government and 1 Democrat amendments agreed to [The House of Representatives will now consider this bill as amended]

The following message from the House of Representatives was considered

  • Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Family Assistance and Related Measures) Bill 2005–The message reported that the House of Representatives had not made the amendments requested by the Senate. The Senate resolved not to press its requests for amendments not made by the House, and passed the bill. [The bill will now be assented to]

Notice of motion given

To exempt a bill from the cut-off order [to enable consideration this period of sittings]

  • Farm Household Support Amendment (Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment) Bill 2005

See Committees for details of reports relating to legislation

Delegated legislation

Notice of motion given

A notice of motion was given to disapprove the ‘Communications Allowance’, being Clauses 10.4 to 10.13 of Determination 2005/09: Members of Parliament–Entitlements, made pursuant to subsections 7(1), (2) and (4) of the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973 by Senators Bartlett and Murray

See Documents for details of instruments [Clerk’s documents] tabled



Reports tabled

Reports tabled

  • Crimes Legislation Amendment (Telecommunications Interception and Other Measures) Bill 2005–Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee
  • Treaties Joint Committee–65th Report–Treaties tabled on 7 December 2004 and 8 February 2005


Senator Tchen made a statement about the proposed agreement between Australia and the United States of America relating to the surrender of US nationals to the International Criminal Court–on behalf of the Treaties Joint Committee [The Senate debated and agreed to take note of Senator Tchen’s statement]

New inquiries

  • Adequacy and appropriateness of the Register of Senators’ Interests in relation to the issue of share market activity by senators, their spouses or partners and dependants, and related matters–Procedure Committee


Message from the House of Representatives reported

A message from the House of Representatives was reported advising that Mr Melham would replace Ms Vamvakinou on the Native Title and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Account Joint Committee

Public meetings

The Senate agreed that the following public meetings may be held while the Senate is sitting:

  • Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee–22 June 2005 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm–administration by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of the citrus canker outbreak
  • Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee–22 June 2005 from 4.30pm to 5pm–corporate governance issues arising from the committee’s report on Australian Wool Innovation Ltd and other matters

Notices of motion given

To extend reporting deadlines

  • Duties of Australian personnel in Iraq–Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee–to report 9 August 2005
  • Gallipoli Peninsula–Finance and Public Administration References Committee–to report by 18 August 2005
  • Performance of the Australian telecommunications regulatory regime–Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee–to report by 9 August 2005
  • Tax Laws Amendment (2005 Measures No. 1) Bill 2005–Economics Legislation Committee–to report by 22 June 2005

To refer matters to a committee

  • Migration Act 1958–administration and operation–with particular reference to the processing and assessment of visa applications, migration detention and the deportation of people from Australia, and related matters–Legal and Constitutional References Committee–to report by 8 November 2005

Motions agreed to

The Senate agreed to motions about:

  • Advisory Council on Australian Archives–Senator Faulkner elected as a member for three years, on and from 27 June 2005
  • Alex Freeleagus–Death–moved by Senator Ludwig
  • Asylum seekers–Nauru–moved by Senator Brown
  • Falun Gong–moved by Senator Stott Despoja
  • Mark Felt–Watergate–moved by Senator Brown
  • Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Review–moved by Senator Allison [The text of the resolution will be conveyed to the Foreign Minister of Japan, the Foreign Minister of New Zealand, Ambassador Duarte of Brazil and UN Secretary-General Mr Kofi Annan]
  • Parliamentary zone–to approve to further extend the time for temporary vehicle barriers around Parliament House until 31 December 2005 [The motion was debated]
  • United Nations Charter–moved by Senator Stott Despoja

Notices of motion

Orders for the production of documents

Motion agreed to and statement by Minister

The Senate ordered the Minister for Justice and Customs to table copies of all reports prepared by the Australian Customs Service since 1 January 2004 which refer to issues of airport security, including the report completed in September 2004, referred to on page 1 of The Australian on 31 May 2005 (‘Airport staff “smuggling drugs”’), other than material specifically relating to current ongoing investigations–no later than 5.00pm on 20 June 2005–moved by Senator Allison [The Minister indicated later in the day that the Government would not comply with the order. The Senate debated and agreed to take of the minister’s statement.]

Notice of motion given

Senator Brown gave a notice of motion to require the Minister for Environment and Heritage to table all correspondence between the Minister and the Assistant Treasurer, the Australian Taxation Office, or the Institute of Public Affairs in 2004 and 2005 relating to the issue of deductible gift recipient status of environment groups–no later than 3.30pm on 22 June 2005


The following documents were tabled:

  • Auditor-General–Audit report no. 52 of 2004-05–Performance audit–Legal services arrangements in the Australian Public Service
  • Clerk’s documents [disallowable instruments and other documents required by statute to be tabled]
  • 2 petitions were received

No government documents were tabled

Also in the Senate yesterday

  • Questions without notice and debate on issues arising in Question Time
  • Adjournment debate [link to first speaker]

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