Thursday, 20 August 2009

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No. 58/2009

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The Senate met from 9.30am until 6.20pm


Bills and related documents available on BillsNet <>

Bills considered

The following bills were introduced

  • Food Standards Amendment (Truth in Labelling Laws) Bill 2009 [private senators’ bill]
  • Plain Tobacco Packaging (Removing Branding from Cigarette Packs) Bill 2009 [private senator’s bill]
  • Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2009 Measures No. 2) Bill 2009 [passed by the House of Representatives on 19 August 2009]

The following bill was debated

  • Health Insurance Amendment (Extended Medicare Safety Net) Bill 2009–second reading debate commenced [first speaker] –1 second reading amendment moved by the Opposition, Family First and Senator Xenophon to be determined [expressing a view about the policy of the bill]

The following bills were passed

  • Law and Justice (Cross Border and Other Amendments) Bill 2009 [This bill will now be assented to]
  • Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2009–4 Government amendments agreed to [The House of Representatives will now consider the amendments made by the Senate]
    Renewable Energy (Electricity) (Charge) Amendment Bill 2009 [This bill will now be assented to]

Notice of motion to introduce a private senator’s bill

  • Special Broadcasting Service Amendment (Prohibition of Disruptive Advertising) Bill 2009–notice given by Senator Ludlam

See Committees for details of reports relating to legislation


For scheduled public committee hearings
For committee reports


Additional information arising from estimates hearings was tabled.

Reports tabled

Reports on legislation

Other reports

  • Agricultural and Related Industries Select Committee–Pricing and supply arrangements in the Australian and global fertiliser market–Final report [a motion was moved to take note of the report]
  • Appropriations and Staffing Committee–Report for 2008-09
  • Procedure Committee–PDF 55KB–Committee proceedings and public interest immunity claims: order of the Senate of 13 May 2009; Senators caring for an infant: standing order 175 [a motion to take note of the report was debated – first speaker]
  • Publications Committee–12th Report [report adopted]
  • Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee–Investment of Commonwealth and State funds in public passenger transport infrastructure and services [a motion to take note of the report was debated – first speaker]

Government responses tabled

  • Environment, Communications and the Arts Committee–Sexualisation of children in the contemporary media
  • Environment, Communications and the Arts Committee–The effectiveness of the broadcasting codes of practice
  • Finance and Public Administration Committee–Additional estimates 2008-09
  • Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee–Reforms to Australia’s military justice system: Fourth progress report [a motion was moved to take note of the document]

Documents tabled

  • Community Affairs Legislation Committee–Health Insurance Amendment (Extended Medicare Safety Net) Bill 2009–Additional information
  • Environment, Communications and the Arts Legislation Committee–Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (National Broadband Network Measures No. 1) Bill 2009–Additional information
  • Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee–Implications for the long-term sustainable management of the Murray-Darling Basin system–Correction

New inquiries

Selection of Bills Committee report

The Senate adopted report no. 12 of the Selection of Bills Committee, and made the following references:

  • Defence Amendment (Parliamentary Approval of Overseas Service) Bill 2008 [No. 2]–Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee–to report by 19 November 2009
  • Education Services for Overseas Students Amendment (Re-registration of Providers and Other Measures) Bill 2009–Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation Committee–to report by 16 October 2009

Other reference

  • Environment, Communications and the Arts References Committee–Matters relating to sustainable management of water resources–to report by 29 November 2009

Private meetings

The Senate authorised the following private meetings otherwise than in accordance with standing order 33(1) to be held while the Senate is sitting:

  • Economics Legislation Committee–20 August 2009 from 5.00pm
  • Economics References Committee–20 August 2009


The Senate agreed to various changes to committee membership.


Delegated legislation

See Disallowance Alert for a complete list of notices of motion to disallow (and outcomes)

  • Clerk’s documents were tabled [legislative instruments and other documents required by statute to be tabled]

Motion to disapprove defeated

The Senate did not agree to a motion which would have disapproved Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2009/11: Members of Parliament – Travelling allowance, made under the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973 [statements were made in relation to the motion – first speaker]

Notice of intention to withdraw a notice

The Chair of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances gave notice of her intention to withdraw a notice to disallow the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Amendment Regulations 2009 (No. 1) [homepage].

Orders for the production of documents

Documents tabled

The following documents were tabled by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (Senator Conroy) in response to orders of the Senate:

  • Letter from the Minister for Ageing (Ms Elliot) relating to the General Purpose Accounts of aged care providers [tabled as an interim response to the order of the Senate agreed to on 19 August 2009]
  • Letter from the Minister for Health and Ageing (Ms Roxon) relating to the National Preventative Health Taskforce [tabled as an interim response to the order of the Senate agreed to on 19 August 2009]
  • Statement and documents concerning the Australian Terrestrial Biodiversity Assessment 2008 [tabled in response to the order of the Senate agreed to on 17 August 2009]

Order with continuing effect

Departmental and agency contracts published on the Internet

A letter of advice for the Human Services portfolio was tabled [Letters of advice about certain contracts valued at $100 000 or more entered into by departments and agencies are required to be tabled twice a year]

Document tabled

Documents discussed

Committee reports, government responses and Auditor-General’s reports were discussed

Other business

Questions without notice and issues arising during question time–first question
Adjournment debate–first speaker

Motions agreed to

Motions negatived

Motion debated

Notices of motion

Notices of motion given today are available in the Senate Journals.


Statistics on the work of the Senate this week will be available in the Statistical Summary, which forms part of StatsNet–the Department of the Senate’s online statistical collection.


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