This Week at a Glance - 3 to 5 February 2009

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No. 01/2009

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On the first day of each sitting week the Senate Daily Summary outlines the business scheduled for consideration in the Senate. On subsequent days, it provides a convenient summary of the previous day’s proceedings in the Senate, with links to official Senate records.

Another document useful in tracking the business of the Senate is the Dynamic Red, which records proceedings in the Senate as they happen.


Bills and related documents available on BillsNet <>

Bills to be considered

The government has scheduled bills for debate this week, as follows:

3 February 2009
4 February 2009
5 February 2009



For scheduled public committee hearings click here

Documents presented out of sitting to be tabled on 3 February 2009

Report on legislation

  • Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management (Repeal and Consequential Amendment) Bill 2008–Environment, Communications and the Arts Committee

Other report

  • Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee–Effectiveness of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 in eliminating discrimination and promoting gender equality

Government responses

  • Finance and Public Administration Committee–Knock, knock who’s there? The Lobbying Code of Conduct
  • Intelligence and Security Joint Committee–
  • Inquiry into the proscription of ‘terrorist organisations’ under the Australian Criminal Code
  • Review of security and counter terrorism legislation
  • National Capital and External Territories Joint Committee–The way forward: Inquiry into the role of the National Capital Authority
  • Parliamentary committee reports–President’s report on government responses outstanding as of June 2008
  • Public Accounts and Audit Joint Committee–411th report: Progress on equipment acquisition and financial reporting in Defence

Proposed reference

3 February 2009


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