Tuesday, 27 February 2007

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No. 13/2007

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The Senate met from 12.30pm until 9.00pm


Bills and related documents available on BillsNet <www.aph.gov.au/bills/index.htm>

Bills considered

The following bills were introduced

  • Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation Amendment (Welfare to Work and Vocational Rehabilitation Services) Bill 2006 [passed by the House of Representatives on 26 February 2007]
  • Qantas Sale (Keep Jetstar Australian) Amendment Bill 2007 [private senator’s bill]

The following bills were exempted from the cut-off order [to enable consideration in this period of sittings]

  • ACIS Administration Amendment (Unearned Credit Liability) Bill 2007
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment Bill 2007
  • Broadcasting Legislation Amendment Bill 2007
  • Family Law (Divorce Fees Validation) Bill 2007
  • Migration Amendment (Maritime Crew) Bill 2007
  • Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Simplification) Bill 2007 and 4 related bills

The following bill was debated

  • Australian Technical Colleges (Flexibility in Achieving Australia’s Skills Needs) Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2006–second reading debate continued [first speaker]

The following bills were passed

  • The Senate agreed to consider the Tax Laws Amendment (Simplified Superannuation) Bill 2006 and 5 related bills and the Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Simplification) Bill 2007 and 4 related bills together. The Senate passed this package of 11 bills without amendments or requests [These bills will now be assented to]

See Committees for details of reports relating to legislation

Delegated legislation

See Disallowance Alert for a complete list of notices of motion to disallow (and outcomes)

Notices of motion withdrawn

The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances withdrew notices of motion to disallow 8 instruments.

See Documents for details of instruments [Clerk’s documents] tabled


For scheduled public committee hearings

For committee reports

Reports tabled

Reports on legislation

Other reports

  • Finance and Public Administration Committee–Departmental and agency contracts: Second report on the operation of the Senate order for the production of lists of departmental and agency contracts (2003-2006). This report was debated [first speaker]

Government response tabled

A government response to the report of the Community Affairs Committee –Breaking the silence: A national voice for gynaecological cancers was tabled and debated. [first speaker]

Proposed reference

The Senate did not agree to refer matters relating to the decision to phase out non-forestry managed investment schemes to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee. [first speaker]

Meetings during Senate sittings

The Senate authorised various committees to meet while the Senate is sitting [see Journals entries nos 13, 14, 15 and 16] .

Reporting dates extended

The Senate extended reporting dates for the following inquiries:

  • Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Committee–Australia’s national parks–to report by 29 March 2007
  • Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Committee–Australia’s Indigenous visual arts and craft sector–to report by 12 June 2007
  • Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee–Australia’s public diplomacy–to report by 12 June 2007

Message from the House of Representatives

A message was reported agreeing to the resolution establishing the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity Joint Committee.


Orders for the production of documents

Motion defeated

A motion moved by Senator Siewert to require the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources to table any briefing packages produced by the Department of Environment and Heritage relating to the Hope Downs Iron Ore Project was defeated.

Documents tabled

Other business

Questions without notice and issues arising during question time–first question

Adjournment debate–first speaker

Motions agreed to

Motions negatived

Notices of motion

Notices of motion given today are available in the Senate Journals.

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