Senate Daily Summary - 10 November 2015

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No. 65/2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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The Senate met from 12.30 pm to 10.27 pm

On the first day of each sitting week the Senate Daily Summary outlines the business scheduled for consideration in the Senate. On subsequent days, it provides a convenient summary of the previous day’s proceedings in the Senate, with links to official Senate records.

Another document useful in tracking the business of the Senate is the Dynamic Red, which records proceedings in the Senate as they happen.


Bills and related documents

Bills introduced

  • Australian Crime Commission Amendment (Criminology Research) Bill 2015 [passed by the House of Representatives 10 November 2015] [Minister’s second reading speech]
  • Automotive Transformation Scheme Amendment (Securing the Automotive Component Industry) Bill 2015 [private senator’s bill]
  • Social Services Legislation Amendment (More Generous Means Testing for Youth Payments) Bill 2015 [passed by the House of Representatives 9 November 2015] [Minister’s second reading speech]

Bills considered

The following bill was debated

Tax Laws Amendment (Combating Multinational Tax Avoidance) Bill 2015 [second reading – first speaker]–committee of whole commenced–Xenophon amendment agreed to [further amendments remain to be considered]

The following bill was debated and passed

Defence Legislation Amendment (First Principles) Bill 2015 [second reading – first speaker]–bill agreed to without amendments [the House of Representatives will now consider the bill]

Message reported

The House of Representatives agreed to the amendments made by the Senate to the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) Bill 2015

Notice of motion to introduce a bill

Veterans’ Entitlements Amendment (Expanded Gold Card Access) Bill 2015–notice given by Senator Lambie


Scheduled public committee hearings

Committee reports

Reports and documents tabled, and considered

  • Appropriations, Staffing and Security Committee–Annual report for 2014-15
  • Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee–Australian Government Boards (Gender Balanced Representation) Bill 2015 [report]
  • Intelligence and Security Joint Committee–Response to reports:
    • Review of the re-listing of Ansar al-Islam, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Lashkar-e Jhangvi and Jaish-e-Mohammad
    • Review of the re-listing of Hizballah’s External Security Organisation
  • Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee–
    • Migration Amendment (Charging for a Migration Outcome) Bill 2015 [report]
    • Migration and Maritime Powers Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2015 [report]
  • Procedure Committee–Third report of 2015 [a motion to take note of the report was debated]
  • Treaties Joint Committee–Report nos 154 and 155

Meetings during the sittings of the Senate

The Senate authorised meetings of committees to be held while the Senate is sitting

New inquiries

Privileges Committee–relating to the former Select Committee on the Recent Allegations relating to Conditions and Circumstances at the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru [2]

Reporting dates extended

The Senate extended the reporting dates for various inquiries of committees

Notice of motion to hold meetings when the Senate is sitting

Treaties Joint Committee–22 February and 29 February 2016–public meetings–notice given by Senator Fawcett


Delegated legislation

See Disallowance Alert for a complete list of notices of motion to disallow (and outcomes)

Clerk’s documents were tabled [legislative instruments and other documents required by statute to be tabled]

Disallowance motions

Notice of motion to disallow given

Senator Hanson-Young gave a notice of motion to disallow the Child Care Benefit (Children in respect of whom no-one is eligible) Determination 2015 [F2015L01404]

Documents tabled


Questions without notice and issues arising during question time – first question

Adjournment debate – first speaker

Days of meeting—Estimates

The Senate agreed to:

Motions agreed to

Motion negatived

Environment–New South Wales–Shenhua Watermark coal mine–moved by Senator Rhiannon

Notices of motion

Further notices of motion given today are available in the Senate Journals


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