Senate Daily Summary - 18 March 2014

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No. 13/2014

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

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The Senate met from 12.30 pm until 8.53 pm


Bills and related documents

Bills considered

The following private senator’s bill was introduced

End Cruel Cosmetics Bill 2014 [homepage]

The following bills were exempted from the cut-off order [allowing the bills to be considered during this period of sittings-11 February to 27 March 2014]

Appropriation Bill (No. 3) 2013-2014

Appropriation Bill (No. 4) 2013-2014

Appropriation (Parliamentary Departments) Bill (No. 2) 2013-2014

The following bill was debated

Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013–second reading debate commenced [first speaker]

Notice of motion

To introduce a private senator’s bill

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Bill 2014–notice given by Senator Ludwig

To vary the hours of meeting and routine of business

The Assistant Minister for Social Services (Senator Fifield) gave a notice of motion to vary the hours of meeting and routine of business for 20 March 2014 to enable the government’s legislative program to be considered


[See committees for details of reports on legislation]


Scheduled public committee hearings

Committee reports

Reports tabled

 2013-14 additional estimates–

 Community Affairs Legislation Committee [report]

 Economics Legislation Committee [report]

 Education and Employment Legislation Committee [report]

 Environment and Communications Legislation Committee [report]

 Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee [report]

 Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee [report]

 Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee [report]

 Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee [report]

Human Rights Joint Committee–4th report of the 44th Parliament–Examination of legislation in accordance with the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011: Bills introduced 3 to 6 March 2014 and legislative instruments received 22 to 28 February 2014 [report] [a motion to take note of the report was agreed to]

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee–Migration Amendment (Regaining Control Over Australia’s Protection Obligations) Bill 2013 [report]

Treaties Joint Committee–137th report–Treaty referred on 15 January 2014 [report] [a motion to take note of the report was agreed to]

Meeting during the sitting of the Senate

The Senate authorised the Environment and Communications References Committee to hold a public meeting while the Senate is sitting from 5 pm–Direct Action Plan

Reporting dates extended

The Senate extended the reporting dates for the following inquiries:

Environment and Communications Legislation Committee–Australia Post–to report by 14 April 2014

Environment and Communications References Committee–Direct Action Plan–to report by 26 March 2014

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee–Overseas aid–to report by 27 March 2014

New inquiry

The Senate agreed to refer to the Economics References Committee matters relating to Australia’s innovation system–to report by the first sitting day of July 2015 [a statement was made]


The Senate agreed to changes in the membership of the School Funding Select Committee


Delegated legislation

See Disallowance Alert for a complete list of notices of motion to disallow (and outcomes)

Clerk’s documents were tabled [legislative instruments and other documents required by statute to be tabled]

Disallowance–Proposed rescission

The Senate did not agree to a motion to rescind its resolution of 2 December 2013, disallowing the Migration Amendment (Temporary Protection Visas) Regulation 2013, as contained in Select Legislative Instrument 2013 No. 234 and made under the Migration Act 1958 [F2013L01811] [statements were made]

Orders for the production of documents

Documents tabled

Documents relating to the modelling and associated reports concerning the Korea‚ÄĎAustralia Free Trade Agreement [The documents were tabled in response to the order of the Senate agreed to on 17 March 2014] [a motion to take note of the documents was agreed to]

Motions agreed to

The Senate agreed to orders requiring the following documents to be tabled:

Documents relating to dredging at Abbot Point and the internal concerns of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority–by the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment–no later than noon on 27 March 2014

Documents relating to the Maules Creek coal project–by the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment–by no later than noon on 20 March 2014

Orders with continuing effect

Indexed lists of departmental and agency files published on the Internet

Statements of compliance for various portfolios were tabled [Letters of advice about certain files created by departments and agencies are required to be tabled twice a year]

Documents tabled

 Communique–National Schools Constitutional Convention 2014 [a motion to take note of the document was agreed to]

 Government documents [called on but no motion moved]


Other business

Questions without notice and issues arising during question time–first question

Adjournment debate–first speaker


Matter of public importance discussed

Education–Educational inequality–proposed by Senator Siewert [first speaker]


Motions agreed to

First speech–Senator O’Sullivan–moved by Assistant Minister for Social Services (Senator Fifield)

Foreign affairs–Pacific region–Development assistance–moved by Senators McEwen and Moore [statements were made]

Law and justice–Detention of Ms Rose Anne Fulton–moved by Senator Siewert [statements were made]

Motion negatived

Foreign affairs–Sri Lanka–Ms Balendra Jeyakumari–moved by the Leader of the Australian Greens (Senator Milne) [a statement was made]

Notices of motion

Notices of motion given today are available in the Senate Journals



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