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December 2019

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9 Dec 19
Joint Committee Public Hearing
10 Dec 19
Joint Committee Public Hearing
11 Dec 19
Senate Committee Public Hearing SCID

House of Representatives chamber and business documents

House of Representatives chamber documents

Daily Program A guide to each day's expected proceedings.
Notice Paper The official list of business (agenda) before the House of Representatives.
Votes and Proceedings The official record of the proceedings of the House and the Federation Chamber.
Matter of Public Importance (MPI) Supplement to Daily Program. Published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of a sitting week.
House Divisions Information about divisions in the House of Representatives
LiveMinutes Draft House Minutes – updated every five minutes when the House is sitting.
Live Minutes – Federation Chamber Draft Federation Chamber Minutes – updated every five minutes when the House is sitting.

House of Representatives business documents

Order of Business A guide to the weekly order of business in the House (pursuant to standing order 34).
Order of Business – Federation Chamber A guide to the weekly order of business in the Federation Chamber (pursuant to standing order 183).
House of Representatives seating plan Seating arrangements for the House of Representatives Chamber.
House Hansard Official transcript of proceedings.
Disallowable Instruments
An informal listing of tabled instruments for which disallowance motions may be moved (published for each sitting).
Tabled Papers Databases, indexes and guidelines relating to documents tabled in the Parliament.
Unanswered Questions in Writing This list of Parliamentary Questions in Writing is updated every sitting day.
Bills Lists These publications provide a complete list of all bills before Parliament for the current calendar year and details of their progress through both houses of Parliament.

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