Seaman s Compensation Amendment Bill 1976


Bills Digest no. 64 1976

Seaman s Compensation Amendment Bill 1976

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Passage History
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Passage History

1. Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Amendment Bill 1976

2. Seaman s Compensation Amendment Bill 1976

3. United States Naval Communication Station (Civilian Employees) Amendment Bill 1976

Date introduced: 30 November 1976

House: House of Representatives (from the Senate)


The main purpose of these Bills is to provide for increases in benefits payable to those persons covered by the Principal Acts.


All Bills

  • weekly compensation for total incapacity is increased by $23 (from $57 to $80) (payable after 26 weeks on full pay to those covered by the Act amended by Bill 1 above); the weekly supplement for a dependent spouse is increased by $6 ($15 to $21) and the dependent child s allowance by $3 ($7 to $10). The ceiling for partial incapacity payments is also increased from $57 to $80.
  • the lump sum payable to dependents where an injury has resulted in death is increased by $5,000 (from $20,000 to $25,000); weekly payments to a dependent child of a deceased person are increased by $3 ($7 to $10), with the minimum total amount payable to such a child being increased by $300 ($700 to $1,000); the maximum payable for funeral expenses will increase by $200 ($450 to $650).
  • the maximum lump sum amount payable for injuries will increase by $5,000 ($20,000 to $25,000); all other lump sum payments will be increased similarly by 25%.
  • the Bills also make minor amendments of a formal or technical nature in keeping with current drafting practice but which make no changes of substance.

Bills1 and 3 only

  • the maximum amount payable for alterations to buildings or vehicles, or repair or replacement of certain aids and appliances will be increased by $200 ($500 to $700).

Bill 1 only

  • in line with section 135D of the Social Services Act, persons receiving compensation benefits are to be paid a training allowance which, if any, is the amount by which the person s normal weekly compensation benefit is less than the weighted average minimum wage appropriate to his age.
  • changes the citation of the Principal Act from Compensation (Australian Government Employees) Act 1971 to Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act 1971.

Bill 2 only

  • removes the limit of $1,000 on the amount of compensation payable in respect of medical and ambulance services.
  • removes the time limit of twelve months in which to claim damages and therefore ordinary time limits for actions for damages will apply.
  • changes the definition of a child who may receive payments as a dependent to include children between 16 and 21 years who are full time students not ordinarily in employment.
  • these three amendments will bring the Principal Act into line with the Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act 1971.

Bill 3 only

  • provides for the citation of the Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act 1971 (see Bill 1); this change ensures that the increased rates provided for in Bill 1 will also be available to civilians employed by the United States Navy at the Naval Communications Station at North West Cape.

Bills 2 and 3 only

  • the amendments in these two Bills will not involve any cost to the Commonwealth Government as the payments are the responsibility of the shipowners and the United States Government respectively.

The Bills are back dated to take effect from 1 September 1976.

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