Apple and Pear Export Charge Collection Bill 1976


Bills Digest no. 60 1976

Apple and Pear Export Charge Collection Bill 1976

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Passage History
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Passage History

Apple and Pear Export Charge Collection Bill 1976

Date introduced: 18 November 1976

House: House of Representatives

Portfolio: Primary Industry


To provide for the collection of the charge on exports of apples and pears to be imposed by the proposed Apple and Pear Export Charge Act.

Related Legislation

See Digest for Apple and Pear Levy Bill.


To facilitate collection of the charge, this Bill provides for export agents to be responsible for the payment of the charge on fruit they handle, but empowers them to recover the charge from growers. (clause 5)

The Bill also makes provision for due date for payment (clause 4), penalties for non-payment (clause 6), and offences (clause 8), access of collectors to inspect records (clause 9).

Other matters relating to the collection of the levy may be prescribed by regulations (clause 11).

Where the domestic levy has been paid on fruit that is actually then exported, the payment of the levy may be deemed to go towards payment of the export charge. (clause 10).

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