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    22 Oct 2014 
    House of Representatives 
    Not Proceeding 
    Prime Minister 
    Amends: four Acts in the Agriculture portfolio to: abolish the Fishing Industry Policy Council; and remove obsolete provisions; four Acts in the Communications portfolio in relation to: re-transmission of programs; and consultation and publication requirements; four Acts in the Environment portfolio in relation to: abolition of the Product Stewardship Advisory Group and the Oil Stewardship Advisory Council; fuel quality standards; and hazardous waste; the
    Social Security Act 1991
    to make an amendment consequential on a repeal; three Acts administered in the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio to make minor amendments and repeal certain provisions; eight Acts administered in the Social Services portfolio in relation to: approved provider obligations; use or disclosure of personal information; and removal of spent social security and family assistance payments; seven Acts in the Treasury portfolio to make amendments consequential on repeals; the
    Insurance Act 1973
    to remove a redundant standing appropriation; and five Acts in the Veterans’ Affairs portfolio to remove spent veterans’ affairs and military rehabilitation and compensation payments. Also repeals seven Acts administered in four portfolios. 

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