Seminars and Lectures

Senate Occasional Lecture Series
Photographer Ross Becker Date 2011
Seminars for public servants

The Senate provides training for members of the public service on topics including the role of the Senate, Senate committees, the estimates process, getting bills through the Senate, parliamentary privilege and delegated legislation.

The seminar program for 2018 is now available.

Senate Occasional Lecture Series
Senate Occasional Lecture Series

Public lunchtime lectures on topics relating to Parliament and governance. Admission is free and bookings are not required. Lecture transcripts and audio and television recordings of the lectures are also available.

Harry Evans
Annual Harry Evans Lectures

The Harry Evans Lecture commemorates the service to the Senate of the longest serving Clerk of the Senate, Harry Evans. This annual lecture will focus on matters championed by Mr Evans during his tenure as Clerk including the importance of the Senate as an institution, the rights of individual senators and the value of parliamentary democracy.