Papers on Parliament No. 27
March 1996

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Professor Beryl A. Radin, Professor of Public Administration and Policy, Rockefeller
College, State University of New York, Albany.
Lecture given 21 July 1995.

Professor Neville Meaney, Associate Professor of History, University of Sydney.
Lecture given 18 August 1995.

Senator the Honourable Margaret Reynolds, Senator for Queensland.
Lecture given 22 September 1995.

Pru Goward, Broadcaster and Journalist.
Lecture given 20 October 1995.

Sir David Smith, former Official Secretary to the Governor-General.
Lecture given 17 November 1995.

Senator the Honourable Michael Beahan, President of the Senate.
Lecture given 1 December 1995.

Professor Howard Cody, Associate Professor, Political Science and Canadian Studies,
University of Maine.

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