Senators' Guide to Procedures - No longer used!

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2008 Edition

© Commonwealth of Australia 2008

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Senators' Guide to Procedures (PDF 263KB)
  1. Introduction
  2. Notices of motion
  3. Motions not requiring notice
  4. Formal business
  5. Routine of business and postponement of business
  6. Government and general business
  7. Precedence of certain business
  8. Leave of the Senate
  9. Bills
    1. Introduction and adjournment
    2. First reading of non-amendable bills
    3. Second reading amendments
    4. Reference of bills to committees
    5. Requests in respect of non-amendable bills
    6. Proceedings subsequent to second reading
    7. Amendments made by one House
    8. Urgent bills (the guillotine )
  10. Amendments
  11. Debate
    1. The call
    2. Unparliamentary language
    3. Time limits on speeches
    4. In committee of the whole
    5. Adjournment of debate
    6. Personal explanations and explanations of speeches
    7. Interruption of senator speaking
    8. Reply
    9. When an amendment is moved
    10. Relevance and anticipation
    11. Reading of speeches
    12. Matters not subject to debate
  12. Urgency motions and matters of public importance
  13. Presenation and consideration of documents
  14. Petitions
  15. Questions seeking information
  16. Adjournment of the Senate
  17. The closure
  18. The same question
  19. Putting the question and calling a division
  20. Quorum
  21. Questions of order and ruling of the chair
  22. Disorder
  23. Suspension of the standing or other orders of the Senate
Appendix A (PDF 49KB)

General times
Senate numbers
Debating opportunities and time limits

Appendix B (PDF 30KB)

Routine of business in the Senate

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