Papers on Parliament no. 61

Papers on Parliament No. 61
May 2014

‘The Truest Patriotism’: Andrew Inglis Clark and the Building of an Australian Nation

Contributors (PDF 156KB)
Opening Remarks
Andrew Inglis Clark, Moby Dick and the Australian Constitution
The Hon. Rev. Prof. Michael Tate AO
(PDF 451KB)
Political Thought and Practice  
Andrew Inglis Clark: A Dim View of Parliament?
Dr Rosemary Laing
(PDF 627KB)
Shadow or Illumination? Kingston’s Rival Constitution
The Hon. Dr John Bannon AO
(PDF 425KB)
Andrew Inglis Clark: From Colonial Patriot to Radical Nationalist
Professor Henry Reynolds
(PDF 207KB)
Intellectual Life and Capital Connections  
Four Degrees of Separation: Conway, the Clarks and Canberra
Dr David Headon
(PDF 2178KB)
Oh, to Be in Boston Now That Federation’s Here
Professor Marilyn Lake
(PDF 213KB)
Andrew Inglis Clark Deserves to Be Remembered Across the Great Divide
Dr James Warden
(PDF 2050KB)

A Few of Clark’s Hidden Stories
Professor Henry Reynolds, Professor John Williams, Dr David Headon, Dr Rosemary Laing, Professor Paul Pickering

(PDF 1114KB)
The Law and the Constitution  
The Over-rated Mr Clark?: Putting Andrew Inglis Clark’s Contribution to the Constitution into Perspective
Professor Helen Irving
(PDF 429KB)
Andrew Inglis Clark: Our Constitution and His Influence
Professor John Williams
(PDF 318KB)
Panel Discussion  (PDF 625KB)
Inglis Clark: A Living Force
The Hon. Robert French AC
(PDF 212KB)