POP 54-Senate Committees and Government Accountability

Papers on Parliament No. 54
December 2010

Proceedings of the conference to mark the 40th anniversary of the Senate’s legislative and general purpose standing committee system

Introduction (PDF 148KB)
Welcome and Opening Address by the President of the Senate
Senator the Hon. John Hogg
(PDF 91KB)
The Senate Committee System: Historical Perspectives
Dr Rosemary Laing
Professor John Uhr
(PDF 140KB)
Throwing Light Into Dark Corners: Senate Estimates and Executive Accountability
Senator the Hon. John Hogg
Professor the Hon. Robert Hill
The Hon. Robert Ray
(PDF 157KB)
Senate Committees and Legislation
Ms Sue Knowles
Ms Vicki Bourne
(PDF 126KB)
Role and Contribution of Legislative Scrutiny Committees
Senator the Hon. Helen Coonan
The Hon. Amanda Vanstone
(PDF 137KB)
Work of Senate Committees: Minor Party Perspectives
Mr Andrew Bartlett
Ms Dee Margetts
(PDF 141KB)
The Power of Select Committees
Associate Professor Cheryl Kernot
Mr Andrew Bartlett
(PDF 118KB)
Parliamentary Privilege and Senate Committees
The Hon. Robert Ray
Senator the Hon. George Brandis SC
(PDF 166KB)
Committees Under a Government-Controlled Senate: Lessons From 2005–08
Senator Claire Moore
Senator the Hon. Nick Minchin
(PDF 172KB)
Can Committee Performance Be Measured?
Dr Phil Larkin
Mr Francis Sullivan
(PDF 121KB)
The Future of Senate Committees: Challenges and Opportunities
Senator Christine Milne
Senator Trish Crossin
Senator Gary Humphries
(PDF 180KB)

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