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Images of the House was produced by the Department of the House of Representatives to mark the centenary of the House. This pictorial history of the House of Representatives features some 250 images, including photographs, sketches, cartoons, plans and portraits of the characters, issues and events which have occurred in and shaped the House during the last 100 years, from momentous to day-to-day, from contemporary to historical.

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About Images of the House

Images of the House includes the following images:


  • First flight by a Prime Minister, 1924. Caught in western Queensland after a downpour and unable to continue his road journey the Prime Minister contacted the local airline, QANTAS, and flew in the company's first enclosed cabin, without needing the traditional leather jacket, cap and goggles. The pilot was co-founder of the airline, Hudson Fysh. Image 166, p. 82, Qantas Historical Collection.

  • First voyage overseas by a Prime Minister was celebrated with a Citizens' Farewell Banquet at Sydney Town Hall. Image 184 (colourful invitation), p. 90, National Library

  • First Federal Budget delivered on 8 October 1901 by Treasurer George Turner in a full chamber in Melbourne. Image 53, p.26, National Library. Also Argus sketch of the event at Image 85, p. 45.

1901 and 2001 - 'everything old is new again'

  • 'The First Cloud' engraving in Punch 1901 on tensions on money between the Senate and the House. Image 88, p. 46.

  • 'Baby bonus' first introduced in 1912. Image 116, p. 56, Comic Australian, 2 July 1912.

  • First immigrations Acts to exclude certain foreign nationals, and includes the dictation test. Images 110 & 111, p. 55.

Captured in a moment, years of national leaders

  • Longest serving Prime Minister Robert Menzies leads five future Prime Ministers in procession from the House to the Senate. Future Prime Ministers are: John McEwen, Harold Holt, Gough Whitlam, Billy McMahon, Malcolm Fraser. Image 50, p. 25, National Archives A1200, L46612

  • Multi-party Advisory War Council meets for the first time in November 1941. Six members in the photograph are at some time Prime Ministers, representing 31 years of national leaders. The six are: John Curtin, Frank Forde, Robert Menzies, Billy Hughes, Arthur Fadden and a young Harold Holt. Image 21, p. 9, National Library

  • Australian Privy Councillors meet the Queen in 1970. Of the people in the photograph, three were Governor-Generals at some time, five were Prime Ministers and four served on the High Court. Image 28, p. 13, National Archives A1200, L90953

Captured by the lens, decades of social history

  • A young looking Queen Elizabeth II, in an above the knees dress and styled hair of the sixties & seventies, is surrounded by men of earlier years, in part, in morning attire. Image 28, p. 13, National Archives A1200, L90953

  • First visit to Australia by a ruling sovereign. Queen Elizabeth II wore her coronation gown and diamond necklace, the details of which were reported in meticulous and adoring detail. Newspaper report and Image 41 on p. 22, National Library PIC/5867

  • People gathering at the three Parliament Houses to celebrate, commemorate, demonstrate, protest, debate, parade, remember, and attend major events. Images 141-165, pp. 70-81.

  • Dancer from the Aboriginal and Islander Dance theatre performs in front of people gathered around Aboriginal flags at the opening of Parliament House in 1988. Image 44, p. 23, Stephen Nebauer

Riding in a gondola in Venice 1902

  • In Italy Prime Minister Edmund Barton was awarded a medalion by Pope Leo XIII, creating controversy in Australia. Barton conversed in Latin with the Pope, overcoming their language barrier. Image 186 (Venice), p.90, National Library


  • Yirrkala Bark petitions: three of the most remarkable petitions to be introduced into the House. Yirrkala community presented three petitions (two in August 1963 and another in 1968). They were written in the community's own language, with an English translation attached to the bark, which was decorated in the traditional manner of the people (representing clouds, animals, a mythical spirit and tools). The first two hold an important place in the history of the land rights movement and are on public display at Parliament House.[ Images 126, 127, 128, p. 61]

  • Story of Mrs Ada Stockdale, who at the age of 101 was invited by her local member to come to Canberra with her son Sid in 1986. They shared afternoon tea with both Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Leader of the Opposition John Howard (both signed this photograph). Mrs Stockdale lived to 111 years and her son died just six weeks after his mother. [small human interest story revealing an aspect of a member's life] [Images 146, p.72]

  • Spectacular photo of Prime Minister Bob Hawke with glasses smashed and flying after he had been hit in the face by a cricket ball at the Prime Minister's XI versus parliamentary press gallery [Image 179, p.86 Canberra Times copyright]

  • The very first Aboriginal Embassy including a beach umbrella and tents and later to be known as the 'Tent Embassy' [Image 147, p. 72 Canberra Times copyright]

  • Parliament House 1959 reception for famous British aviator Douglas Bader, 'tin legs', whose story was told in the film and the book 'Reach for the Sky'. In the photograph are Mr and Mrs Bader, Prime Minister Menzies and Dame Pattie Menzies and Federal Member for Bowman (Qld) Malcolm McColm. McColm (the first Australian) was imprisoned in Colditz Castle with Douglas Bader in World War II. [Image 203, p.96]

  • Departure from Old Parliament House in 1988. At the end around 1.30 early in the morning after a very long sitting that 'day' the members, clerks and press stood up and joined hands in the traditional manner and sang 'Auld Lang Syne' (as members had done when departing Melbourne to come to Canberra in 1927.) Also note political cartoonist Geoff Pryor's Canberra Times cartoon with the seats of the old chamber saying '..By golly.. we've seen a few bums in our time...' and the reply 'you can say that again!' with a champagne glass, a can of XXXX and a cigarette part of the 'celebrations' in the image. [Images 235 & 236, p. 114]