Strategic themes


Manage information as a strategic asset

We aim to optimise core parliamentary information assets for the benefit of the Parliament and the Commonwealth. We will take an enterprise approach with our systems to make them interoperable and maximise the integrity of content as part of the nation’s collective memory. Our environment will be underpinned by common, secure digital platforms and supported by transparent, inclusive information architecture and governance.

Our objectives by 2022 include:

  • The Parliament’s administrative workflows will be digital where possible—key administrative processes will use digital authorisation and workflow management, underpinned by ‘single source’ systems
  • We will provide our citizens with access to key parliamentary information and data sources including legislative information, committee information and records of proceedings (Hansard, voting information and tabled documents)
  • Our business decisions will be enhanced through better data capture and analysis capabilities
  • Developing a digital preservation framework to ensure the permanent preservation of parliamentary business information
  • Increased cyber resilience and protection for the Parliament’s information stores, through the establishment of a cyber security operations centre.


Innovative digital content delivery and publishing

We will optimise our information flows, processes and delivery platforms to meet the community’s expectations of how parliamentary business information is published and consumed. Our public information will be accessible to users so they can be informed of and engage with the business of the parliament. Our systems will deliver rich media content, and facilitate interoperability of data across systems to allow third parties to leverage our information in real time.

Our objectives by 2022 include:

  • Chamber and committee documents will be cross-referenced and presented so that users can rapidly and intuitively find information that meets their needs
  • Parliamentarians’ offices will be equipped to develop digital media products to communicate with constituents
  • Audio-visual recordings of parliamentary proceedings will be more accessible, including through the provision of web content accessibility services and integrated presentation with Hansard, to enhance navigation and facilitate discovery about the work of the Parliament.


Anywhere, anytime, anyhow

We aspire to support and enable the mobility and interoperability required by Parliament. As the work of the Parliament extends beyond our offices, the tools that support us will do likewise. We will provide the capability and information for clients to work securely and flexibly—an integrated ecosystem of services and solutions that connect people, information and devices to assist the productivity of our clients.

Our objectives by 2022 include:

  • The Parliament’s core office productivity tools will be hosted in the cloud, available wherever and whenever they are needed, and integrated with our information systems
  • Cloud-based ‘as-a-service’ software and workflow tools will be available to assist productivity
  • Network users will be able to print flexibly and wirelessly from their chosen device
  • A broader range of tools to enable integrated voice and video communication
  • Our clients will be able to choose the type of device that they want to work from.


Shape how we work together

We aim to embed new ways of working to provide the right services and solutions for the Parliament. Collaboration and transparency will be priorities. We will have new business processes to minimise structural barriers and inefficiencies, and optimise the use of expertise and experience that exists across the Parliamentary Service. We will partner with our clients to deliver services and solutions in the timeliest manner and maximise efficient use of resources.

Our objectives by 2022 include:

  • Information Services Division will focus on quality and reliability, recognising the importance of effective service delivery
  • Clients will trust that the Parliament’s ICT resources are managed effectively, because they actively participate in the process, and solutions are delivered in the shortest possible time
  • We are prepared to ‘learn by doing’ in a culture of iteration and innovation
  • Our technology investments will follow our strategic directions and prudently use available financial resources
  • All stakeholders will have a clear understanding of the portfolio of services we provide and our associated governance.