Strategic drivers

The changing needs of the parliamentary environment

Digital technology is a critical enabler for parliamentary business, so we must be ready to adapt and quickly respond to its changing needs. It is critical that information can be accessed readily whether in the office or on the move, and flexibly whether using computers or mobile devices. The technology must make work easier, be reliable and add value.

Evolving technology

Constantly evolving consumer technology and the breadth of developing business technology challenges us to complement the traditional secure internal ICT services we provide. We must adapt to facilitate access to this technology either as part of our internal services or through partnering with external or ‘shadow’ ICT offerings with the appropriate risk assessment and education.

The maturity of cloud computing services compels us to evaluate their merits and where they may enable rapid deployment, support interoperability and reduce business continuity risk.

Resilience and risk

We must strengthen our systems to ensure we address and mitigate risks related to cyber security, privacy, data integrity, and business disruption.

Public accountability

The citizens of the Commonwealth have a legitimate expectation to be able to engage with the work of the Parliament and access information generated through the parliamentary process. We are trusted custodians of parliamentary information, and will seek to digitise and preserve it as an asset for future generations.