The provision of digital services for the Parliament is underpinned by comprehensive governance and advisory arrangements.

The Presiding Officers have joint responsibility for the administration of the Parliament and have overall oversight of this governance framework. The Special Minister of State has delegated to the Presiding Officers authority to make determinations regarding the use of public resources to provide ICT services and equipment to Senators and Members for the conduct of their parliamentary business.

The Secretary of DPS has executive responsibility for information and communication technology services for the Parliament (as the Accountable Authority under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013). The Secretary is supported by the DPS Executive Committee, which includes the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who has delegated accountability for ICT strategy, service delivery and governance. The CIO leads the Information Services Division, which provides infrastructure and delivery of ICT services to more than 4,000 registered users.

The heads of the parliamentary departments (who report to the Presiding Officers) engage collaboratively to deliver effective parliamentary administration and strengthen the governance framework. This includes engagement through the Parliamentary ICT Advisory Board (PICTAB), which is the peak advisory body that guides all strategic elements of ICT service delivery within APH and across the electorate offices. PICTAB includes a significant representation of Senators and Members across all political affiliations.