Australian Parliament Digital Strategy 2019-2022


The Australian Parliament Digital Strategy 2019–2022 is a statement of intent for the future delivery of Digital Services for the Parliament.

It explains the ‘what and the why’ of our digital direction, building on the foundations of the Parliament of Australia ICT Strategic Plan 2013–18 and the objectives laid out in the Strategic Plan for Parliamentary Administration, which are to:

  • provide services and support to enable the Houses and their committees to function effectively
  • ensure parliamentarians are supported in their work today and we are responsive to the future
  • enhance engagement in the work of the Parliament
  • ensure Australian Parliament House operates as a safe and accessible workplace and national institution
  • enhance our capability as an independent, non-partisan and professional Parliamentary Service.

The ‘how’ will be described in associated implementation roadmaps, which will align with annual budget planning and prioritisation processes in accordance with the Department of Parliamentary Services Corporate Plan.

The Strategy was developed through extensive consultation across the Australian Parliament, including the parliamentary departments and a significant number of parliamentarians and their staff.


Vision and purpose

Guiding principles


Strategic drivers

Strategic themes