Budget Review 2008–09

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Research Paper no. 31 2007–08

Budget Review 2008–09

26 May 2008

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Economic issues

Budget 2008–09: key features
Communications, broadband and the digital economy
Personal income tax and personal capital gains tax
Tax reform
Innovation funding
Accounting standards
Workplace relations

Social issues

Public housing and rental assistance
Early childhood services
Disability and caring support
Employment services
Indigenous affairs
Media and communications

Environmental and scientific issues

Climate Change
Caring for our Country
Water for the Future
Science Funding
Health and Food Security Issues

Legal issues

Attorney General’s Portfolio
Consumer Protection Laws and Corporations Laws

Defence and security issues

Security and policing

Foreign affairs

Official Development Assistance
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) budget

Public Service issues

Australian Public Service


For the first time in twelve years we have, not only a new parliament, but a new government. This year s Budget is a central document for establishing the policy directions of the recently elected Rudd Labor Government. The purpose of the Budget Review 2008 09 is to assist Senators and Members by considering a selection of measures contained in the Budget. It is not the intention of this document to make value judgements about the relative importance of different measures. Rather, it provides an overall examination of the Budget and some detailed analysis in selected areas.

The briefs are organised according to the subject matter discussed and the perspective adopted in the analysis. The opening feature article in the Economic Issues section provides a macroeconomic analysis and commentary of the Budget including the key assumptions underpinning the Government s fiscal policy and the main spending and taxing features contained in the Budget. The article also provides a discussion on a range of economic indicators and forecasts and an overview on a range of international issues impacting on this year s Budget. The remaining articles are more tightly focussed and examine the impact of the Budget across a broad range of specific issues and initiatives.

The Budget Review 2008 09 has necessarily been prepared under time pressure with a view to making it available to parliamentarians as soon as possible after the handing down of the Budget on 13 May. Great care has been taken to ensure that this paper is accurate and balanced. It is written using information publicly available at the time of production.

Clients of the Library are invited to raise any points requiring amplification or clarification directly with the research specialist concerned. Authors will also welcome general comments on papers. Any other feedback should be forwarded to me.

I hope, as with all our publications, that you find this a useful contribution from the Library.

Roxanne Missingham
Parliamentary Librarian
May 2008