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The PBO data portal includes historical fiscal data and datasets published as part of research publications.  These have been consolidated below for ease of access and to support transparency around fiscal and budget policy issues.

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Historical fiscal data

Historical data published in the government’s latest Budget update are available here in an accessible form.  The data includes time-series not previously available in a single location. 

Update Data download Date issued
2022-23 Budget
MS Excel (210 KB)
29 March 2022
2021-22 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook MS Excel (189 KB) 24 February 2022

Regular PBO publications

Data for the PBO’s regular annual publications (Beyond the budget (previously the medium-term fiscal projections), National fiscal outlook, Budget chart pack, and Budget and Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) snapshots) are available below.

Beyond the budget: Fiscal outlook and projections 
(known as the medium-term fiscal projections report until 2020-21)

Provides analysis and projections of key Commonwealth Government budget outcomes such as debt and the budget balance, and detailed projections of receipts and payments over the medium-term period.

From 2020-22, the report was expanded to include an assessment of fiscal sustainability over the next forty years.

Data for each of the editions are available below.

Publication Data download Date issued
Beyond the budget 2021-22: Fiscal outlook and projections
MS Excel (521 KB)
21 September 2021
2020–21 Medium-term fiscal projections
MS Excel (94 KB) 10 December 2020
2019­–20 Medium-term fiscal projections MS Excel (59 KB) 26 September 2019
2018–19 Medium-term fiscal projections MS Excel (53 KB) 6 September 2018 
2017–18 Medium-term fiscal projections MS Excel (694 KB) 5 July 2017 
2015–16 Medium-term fiscal projections MS Excel (18 KB) 24 June 2015

Data from the original April 2021 fiscal sustainability report are available below.

Publication Data download Date issued
Updated medium-term fiscal scenarios: impact of COVID-19 pandemic and response MS Excel (21 KB) 21 August 2020
Medium-term fiscal projections: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and response MS Excel (19 KB) 5 June 2020
Medium-term fiscal projections: 2017–18 economic scenario analysis MS Excel (169 KB) 7 December 2017
Medium-term fiscal projections: Sensitivity of budget projections to changes in economic parameters from 2014–15 to 2024–25 MS Excel (79 KB) 26 November 2014

National fiscal outlook and National fiscal outlook: At a glance

Examines the revenue, expenditure, net capital investment, net financial worth and net debt position across all levels of Australian government over the forward estimates period, and provides an update to the national fiscal outlook based on Commonwealth and state government budget updates. Data for multiple editions are available below.

A complementary product, the National Fiscal Outlook: At a Glance provides a graphical snapshot of each of the Commonwealth, state and territory budgets.

Publication Data download Date issued

As at 2021-22 Budgets
       2021–22 at a glance
       Supplementary data

MS Excel (96 KB)
MS Excel (71 KB)

2 December 2021

As at 2020–21 mid-year fiscal updates
MS Excel (91 KB)
4 March 2021
       2020–21 at a glance MS Excel (39 KB)
4 March 2021
As at 2019–20 budgets MS Excel (76 KB) 27 November 2019
      2019–20 at a glance MS Excel (1.63 MB) 27 November 2019
As at 2018–19 budgets MS Excel (37 KB) 29 November 2018
      2018–19 at a glance MS Excel (31 KB) 29 November 2018
As at 2017–18 budgets MS Excel (1.51 MB) 19 October 2017
As at 2016–17 budgets MS Excel (26 KB) 2 November 2016
As at 2015–16 mid-year fiscal update MS Excel (22 KB) 3 February 2016

Budget chart packs

Budget chart packs summarise the key drivers of the change in the budget estimates between budget updates.

Publication Data download Date issued
2021–22 MS Excel (115 KB)
8 June 2021
MS Excel (62 KB)
12 February 2021
2019–20  MS Excel (20 KB) 24 September 2019
2018–19 MS Excel (17 KB) 1 June 2018

Budget snapshots and Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) snapshots

Graphical summaries of budget releases.

Publication Data download Date issued
2022-23 Budget Snapshot
MS Excel (104 KB)
31 March 2021
MYEFO 2021-22 MS Excel (85 KB) 17 December 2021
Budget 2021-22

Full report: 
MS Excel (115 KB)

MS Excel (104 KB)

8 June 2021

11 May 2021

MYEFO 2020-21 MS Excel (152 KB)
18 December 2020
Budget 2020–21 MS Excel (109 KB) 7 October 2020
July 2020 EFU MS Excel (62 KB) 24 July 2020
MYEFO 2019–20 MS Excel (107 KB) 17 December 2019
Budget 2019–20 MS Excel (113 KB) 3 April 2019
MYEFO 2018–19 MS Excel (67 KB) 17 December 2018
Budget 2018–19 MS Excel (390 KB) 9 May 2018
MYEFO 2016–17 MS Excel (24 KB) 12 January 2017

Election commitments reports

Analyses the budget impact of each of the election commitments made by each of the major parties in the general election, and the total combined impact of their policy platforms on the Australian Government budget.

Publication Data download Date issued
2022 Election commitments report

Charts and table data MS Excel (113 KB)

Budget impacts of election commitments:

  • Coalition 
    MS Excel (105 KB)
  • Australian Labor Party 
    MS Excel (175 KB)
  • Australian Greens 
    MS Excel (149 KB)
  • Independent member for Indi 
    MS Excel (96 KB) 
  • Consolidated tables of parties' election commitments 
    MS Excel (381 KB)
14 July 2022 

2019 Post-election report of election commitments

Budget impacts of election commitments:

19 June 2019

Additional PBO publications

Publication Data download Date issued

The Contingency Reserve

A short explainer piece that examines the definition and use of the Contingency Reserve and its major components.

MS Excel (35 KB)
9 December 2021

Bracket creep and its fiscal impact

A short explainer piece that examines the impact of bracket creep from the perspective of both individuals and government finances.

MS Excel (109 KB)
29 September 2021

Unlegislated measures carried forward in the budget estimates – August 2021

Provides updated financial estimates of policies with significant financial implications that have been announced but are yet to be legislated. Data for the August 2021 edition is available below. 

MS Excel (26 KB) 4 August 2021

Fiscal sustainability

Examines the sustainability of the government’s fiscal position by calculating future paths for debt under various scenarios for GDP growth, interest rates and the budget balance.

MS Excel (395 KB)
28 April 2020
JobSeeker Payment: Understanding economic and policy trends influencing Commonwealth expenditure MS Excel (549 KB) 30 September 2020

Structural trends in GST

Examines the trends in GST relative to the size of the economy over the last twenty years, including the impact of demographic change, and possible trajectories for future GST collections.

MS Excel (178 KB) 4 September 2020 

Government finances

Presents the effect of COVID-19 and the associated policy response on the Commonwealth Government's fiscal position, using data from the Australian Government’s Monthly Financial Statements.

    June quarter 2021

    March quarter 2021

    December quarter 2020

    September quarter 2020

    May 2020

    April 2020

    March 2020




MS Excel (605 KB)

MS Excel (433 KB)

MS Excel (433 KB)

MS Excel (441 KB)

MS Excel (440 KB)

MS Excel (439 KB)

MS Excel (438 KB)




21 October 2021

6 May 2021

11 February 2021

11 November 2020

8 July 2020

9 June 2020

8 May 2020

Alternative financing of government policies – Understanding the fiscal costs and risks of loans, equity injections and guarantees

Examines trends in the use of alternative financing arrangements and how these arrangements relate to the Commonwealth Government’s budget.
MS Excel (436 KB)
 19 March 2020
Australia's ageing population – Understanding the fiscal impacts over the next decade

Builds on the 2015 Intergenerational Report by providing a detailed analysis of the impacts of an ageing population on revenue and spending over the next decade.
MS Excel (39 KB) 1 April 2019 
Net debt and investment funds – Trends and balance sheet implications

Examines the impact of growth in government investment funds on net debt.
MS Excel (461 KB)  14 March 2019 
Trends affecting the sustainability of Commonwealth taxes

Examines broad trends within the Commonwealth Government tax system over the period 2001–02 to 2016–17.
MS Excel (54 KB) 18 July 2018 
Disability Support Pension – Historical and projected trends

Examines the factors underlying the recent decline in Disability Support Pension (DSP) expenditure, highlighting the impacts of changes in government policy.  It uses analysis of historical trends to update projections of DSP expenditure over the medium term to 2027–28.
MS Excel (705 KB) 20 February 2018
Changes in average personal income tax rates: distributional impacts

Examines trends in average tax rates using historical data from 2000–01 and projections to 2021–22.  Also analyses the expected increase in average tax rates for individuals in different parts of the taxable income distribution. 
MS Excel (33 KB) 11 October 2017 
Future Fund drawdown scenarios: Budget implications

Examines budget implications of scenarios for the drawdown of funds from the Future Fund to meet unfunded superannuation cash payments.
MS Excel (547 KB) 8 February 2017 
National Broadband Network: Impact on the Budget

Examines the budget impact of the Commonwealth Government’s equity and debt financing of the National Broadband Network. 
MS Excel (24 KB) 14 December 2016
Higher Education Loan Programme

Examines the size and cost of the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) and provides an estimate of the impact on the underlying cash balance to 2025–26.

Supplementary analysis projects budget impacts of major policy decisions affecting HELP and related policy decisions that reduce the level of subsidies.

Impact on the Budget
 MS Excel (548 KB)

Supplementary analysis
MS Excel (512 KB)

6 April 2016

20 April 2016

Goods and Services Tax: Distributional analysis and indicative reform scenarios

Examines the revenue and distributional impacts of five indicative reform scenarios canvassed in public policy discussions.
MS Excel (680 KB)
9 December 2015
Medicare Benefits Schedule: Spending trends and projections

Examines historical spending over the period 1993–94 to 2014–15 and presents projections over the decade 2015–16 to 2025–26.  The impact of major policies on Medicare Benefits Schedule spending is also presented over 1993–94 to 2014–15.
MS Excel (28 KB) 25 November 2015 
Trends in Australian Government receipts: 1982–83 to 2012–13

Examines historical trends in Commonwealth Government receipts over the past three decades; from 1982–83 to 2012–13.
MS Excel (1.45 MB)  15 April 2014
Australian Government spending – Part 1: Historical trends from 2002–03 to 2012–13

Examines historical trends in Commonwealth Government spending over the period 2002–03 to 2012–13.
MS Excel (41 KB) 10 December 2013

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