List of requirements

PGPA Rule reference Description Requirement Location
17AD(g) & 17AI Letter of transmittal Mandatory iii
17AJ(a) Table of contents Mandatory v
17AJ(b) Alphabetical index Mandatory 135
17AJ(c) Glossary and abbreviations list Mandatory 129
17AJ(d) List of requirements Mandatory 131
17AJ(e) Contact officer Mandatory ii, 125
17AJ(f) & (g) Web address and electronic address of report Mandatory iv
Clerk’s review
17AD(a) A review by the accountable authority Mandatory 3
Departmental overview
17AE(1)(a)(i) Role and functions Mandatory 9
17AE(1)(a)(ii) Organisational structure Mandatory 10
17AE(1)(a)(iii) Outcome and program structure Mandatory 11
17AE(1)(a)(iv) Purposes as included in corporate plan Mandatory 17
17AE(1)(aa) Information on the accountable authority Mandatory 10
17AE(1)(b) Portfolio structure Portfolio departments - mandatory N/A
17AE(2) Variations to outcomes and programs If applicable, mandatory N/A
Report on performance
Annual performance statements
17AD(c)(i); 16F Annual performance statements Mandatory 15–28
Report on financial performance
17AF(1)(a) Discussion and analysis of the department’s financial performance Mandatory 16, 83–85
17AF(1)(b) Table summarising the total resources and total payments of the department Mandatory 121
17AF(2) Significant changes in the financial results If applicable, mandatory N/A
Management and accountability
Corporate governance
17AG(2)(a) Information on compliance with section 10 (fraud systems) Mandatory 76
17AG(2)(b) Fraud control certification by the accountable authority Mandatory iii
17AG(2)(c) Corporate governance structure and processes Mandatory 73–75
17AG(2)(d)-(e) Reportable non-compliance with finance law If applicable, mandatory N/A
Audit Committee
17AG(2A)(a) Charter of the Audit Committee (direct electronic address) Mandatory 73
17AG(2A)(b)-(e) The name, qualifications, knowledge, skills or experience of each member. Information about the attendance of each member at committee meetings and their remuneration. Mandatory 75
External scrutiny
17AG(3) Developments in external scrutiny Mandatory 77
17AG(3)(a) Judicial decisions and decisions of administrative tribunals and by the Australian Information Commissioner that may have a significant effect on operations If applicable, mandatory N/A
17AG(3)(b) Reports on operations of the entity by the Auditor-General (other than report under section 43 of the Act), a parliamentary committee, or the Commonwealth Ombudsman If applicable, mandatory N/A
17AG(3)(c) Capability reviews on the entity released during the period If applicable, mandatory N/A
Management of human resources
17AG(4)(a) An assessment of the departments’ effectiveness in managing and developing employees to achieve department objectives Mandatory 78–80
17AG(4)(aa) and (b) Statistics on the department’s APS employees on an ongoing and non-ongoing basis Mandatory 78–80, 123–124
17AG(4)(c) Employment arrangements Mandatory 79–80
17AG(4)(c)(i) Number of SES and non-SES employees covered by employment agreements Mandatory 79
17AG(4)(c)(ii) Salary ranges by classification level Mandatory 123
17AG(4)(c)(iii) A description of non-salary benefits provided to employees Mandatory 79–80
17AG(4)(d) Performance pay If applicable, mandatory N/A
Assets management
17AG(5) Effectiveness of assets management where asset management is a significant part of the department’s activities If applicable, mandatory N/A
17AG(6) Department performance against the Commonwealth Procurement Rules Mandatory 81
Reportable consultancy contracts
17AG(7)(a) and (b) Summary statement regarding the number of new and existing reportable consultancy contracts Mandatory 81
17AG(7)(c) A summary of the policies and procedures for selecting and engaging consultants and the main categories of purposes for which consultants were selected and engaged Mandatory 81
17AG(7)(d) A statement that ‘Annual reports contain information about actual expenditure on reportable consultancy contracts. Information on the value of reportable consultancy contracts is available on the AusTender website.’ Mandatory 81
Reportable non-consultancy contracts
17AG(7A)(a) Summary statement regarding the number of new and existing reportable non-consultancy contracts Mandatory 82
17AG(7A)(b) A statement that ‘Annual reports contain information about actual expenditure on reportable non-consultancy contracts. Information on the value of reportable non-consultancy contracts is available on the AusTender website.’ Mandatory 81
Additional information
17AGA Additional information about organisations receiving amounts under reportable consultancy contracts or reportable non-consultancy contracts. Mandatory 81–82
Australian National Audit Office access clauses
17AG(8) Australian National Audit Office access clause If applicable, mandatory N/A
Exempt contracts
17AG(9) Contracts or standing offers with a value greater than $10,000 (inclusive of GST) which have been exempted from being published in AusTender If applicable, mandatory N/A
Small business
17AG(10)(a) Statement regarding support of small business participation Mandatory 81
17AG(10)(b) An outline of the ways in which the procurement practices of the department support small and medium enterprises Mandatory 81
17AG(10)(c) Statement recognising the importance of ensuring that small businesses are paid on time If applicable, mandatory 81
Financial statements
17AD(e) Financial statements Mandatory 87
Executive remuneration
17AD(da) Executive remuneration Mandatory 112–113
Other information
17AH(1)(a)(i) Statement regarding advertising campaigns If applicable, mandatory N/A
17AH(1)(a)(ii) If the department did not conduct advertising campaigns, a statement to that effect If applicable, mandatory 82
17AH(1)(b) A statement that ‘Information on grants awarded by [name of entity] during [reporting period] is available at [address of entity’s website]’ If applicable, mandatory N/A
17AH(1)(c) Outline of mechanisms of disability reporting, including reference to website for further information Mandatory N/A
17AH(1)(d) Website reference to where the entity’s Information Publication Scheme statement pursuant to Part II of FOI Act can be found Mandatory N/A
17AH(1)(e) Correction of material errors in previous annual report If applicable, mandatory N/A
17AH(2) Information required by other legislation Mandatory N/A