About this Report

This annual report of the Department of the Senate documents the department’s performance for the financial year ending 30 June 2022.

The report is presented in six parts.

Overviews Commentary by the Clerk on performance and significant matters that affected the department, and a description of the role, aims, structure and functions
Report on performance A summary of overall performance, the department’s annual performance statement, and a description of each office’s contribution to the department’s outcome
Management and accountability A report on corporate governance and the management of resources
Financial statements The auditor’s report and audited financial statements
  1. Resources
  2. Staffing
  3. Contact details
References Tools to assist the reader:
  • a glossary and abbreviations list
  • an index showing how the report complies with annual reporting requirements
  • an alphabetical index

The report is presented for tabling in the Senate pursuant to section 65 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999. It is also produced to meet the information needs of interested people, including:

  • senators and their staff
  • the Australian community
  • staff of the Department of the Senate and other parliamentary departments
  • staff of other legislatures
  • staff of executive government departments and agencies, and
  • the media.