Schedule of commitments

Schedule of commitments
for the period ended 30 June 2014
Commitments receivable
GST recoverable on commitments (73) (79)
Total commitments receivable (73) (79)
Commitments payable
Other commitments
Operating leases 1 17 58
Goods and services 2 3 1,022 1,089
Total other commitments 1,039 1,147
Net commitments by type 966 1,068
Commitments receivable
Other commitments receivable
One year or less (72) (67)
From one to five years (1) (12)
Total other commitments receivable (73) (79)
Commitments payable
Operating lease commitments
One year or less 16 38
From one to five years 1 20
Total operating lease commitments 17 58
Goods and services commitments 3
One year or less 1,008 979
From one to five years 14 110
Total goods and services commitments 1,022 1,089
Net commitments by maturity 966 1,068

Note: Commitments are GST inclusive where relevant.

  1. Operating leases included are effectively non-cancellable and comprise agreements for the provision of motor vehicles to the Clerk and the Presiding Officers and there are no renewal or purchase options available.
  2. Goods and services relate to contracts (including purchase orders) lodged with suppliers.
  3. This amount excludes an estimated $406,428 that relates to the following: co-ordinated procurements for accommodation and stationery, internal audit arrangmements and digitisation of parliamentary records.

The above schedule should be read in conjunction with the accompanying notes.