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  • Letter of transmittal 
  • Table of contents 
  • Alphabetical index (PDF 664 KB)
  • Glossary and abbreviations list 
  • Contact officer(s)
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  • Internet home page address and internet address for report 
  • Clerk's review
    • Review by the Clerk 
  • Departmental overview
    • Overview description of department 
    • Role and functions 
    • Organisational structure 
    • Outcome and output structure 
    • Where outcome and program structures differ from portfolio budget statements or other portfolio statements accompanying any other additional appropriation bills (other portfolio statements), details of variation and reasons for change
    • Portfolio structure
  • Report on performance
    • Review of performance during the year in relation to programs and contribution to outcome 
    • Actual performance in relation to deliverables and performance indicators set out in portfolio budget statements or other portfolio statements
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    • Where performance targets differ from the portfolio budget statements, details of both former and new targets and reasons for the change
    • Narrative discussion and analysis of performance 
    • Trend information 
    • Performance of purchaser/provider arrangements
    • Significant changes in nature of principal functions/services
    • Factors, events or trends influencing departmental performance
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    • Contribution of risk management in achieving objectives 
    • Social justice and equity impacts 
    • Performance against service charter customer service standards, complaints data, and the department's response to complaints 
    • Discussion and analysis of the department's financial performance
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    • Discussion of any significant changes from the prior year or from budget
    • Agency resource statement and summary resource tables by outcomes 
    • Developments since the end of the financial year that have affected or may significantly affect the department's operations or financial results in future
  • Management and accountability
    • Corporate governance
      • Statement of the main corporate governance practices in place 
      • Names of the senior executive and their responsibilities 
      • Senior management committees and their roles 
      • Corporate and operational planning and associated performance reporting and review 
      • Approach adopted to identifying areas of significant financial or operational risk 
      • Agency head's certification that agency complies with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines 
      • Policy and practices on the establishment and maintenance of appropriate ethical standards 
      • How nature and amount of remuneration for SES officers is determined 
    • External scrutiny
      • Significant developments in external scrutiny 
      • Judicial decisions and decisions of administrative tribunals 
      • Reports by the Auditor-General, a parliamentary committee or the Commonwealth Ombudsman 
    • Management of human resources
      • Assessment of effectiveness in managing and developing human resources to achieve departmental objectives 
      • Workforce planning, staff turnover and retention 
      • Impact and features of enterprise or collective agreements, determinations, common law contracts and Australian workplace agreements 
      • Training and development undertaken and its impact 
      • Occupational health and safety performance 
      • Productivity gains 
      • Statistics on staffing 
      • Enterprise or collective agreements, individual flexibility arrangements, determinations, common law contracts and Australian workplace agreements 
      • Performance pay 
    • Assessment of effectiveness of assets management 
    • Assessment of purchasing against core policies and principles 
    • Consultants
      • Summary statement 
      • Statement that information on contracts and consultancies is available through AusTender websit 
      • Additional information in required proforma 
      • Absence of provisions in contracts allowing access by the Auditor-General
      • Contracts exempt from the AusTender
    • Disability action plan 
  • Financial statements 
  • Other statutory reporting
    • Occupational health and safety (section 74 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991)
      Management of human resources | Appendix 3
    • )Freedom of Information Act 1982Freedom of information (subsection 8(1) of the  
    • ) and statement on advertising campaignsCommonwealth Electoral Act 1918Advertising and market research (section 311A of the  
    • )Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance (section 516A of the  
  • Other
    • Grant programs
    • Disability reporting – explicit and transparent reference to agency-level information available through other reporting mechanisms 
    • Correction of material errors in previous annual report
    • Compliance index