Appendix 10: Parliamentary staff and other visits

This appendix contains summary information on parliamentary staff and other visits 2015–16.



Country represented

12 August 2015

Australian Political Exchange Council—fifth delegation from the Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea

9 September 2015

Australian Political Exchange Council—19th delegation from Vietnam


14–18 September 2015

Ms Shelda Commettant, Acting Clerk of the National Assembly of the Seychelles


14 October 2015

Presidential Committee on the Unification Process of the Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea

14 October 2015

Australian Political Exchange Council—32nd delegation from the United States

United States

27 October 2015

Visit to the             parliament by members of the Electoral Commission of Nepal


11 November 2015

Australian Political Exchange Council—23rd delegation from the People’s Republic of China

People's Republic of China

24 November 2015

Australian Political Exchange Council—10th             delegation from New Zealand

New Zealand

8 January 2016

Ms Atelaite Rokosuka, Director Corporate Services


15–24 February 2016

Inter-Parliamentary Study Program

People’s Republic of China, European Parliament, Fiji, France, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Solomon Islands and Vietnam

4 May 2016

Australian Political Exchange Council

—15th delegation from Japan


8 May 2016

Staff of the Parliament of the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

26–27 May 2016

Parliamentary staff from Pakistan (national and regional parliaments)



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