Research Papers 2007–08

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Title Number Date
Striking a balance: the need for further reform of the law relating to industrial action [HTML] [PDF 385KB] 33 25.06.2008
The modern Olympics: and overview [HTML] [PDF 1144KB] 32 03.06.2008
Budget Review 2008–09 [HTML] [PDF 1168KB] 31 26.05.2008
Commonwealth Election 2007 [HTML] [PDF 684KB] 30 08.05.2008
Parliament House and the Australian people [HTML] [PDF 276KB] 29 07.05.2008
Anti-terrorism control orders in Australia and the United Kingdom: a comparison [HTML] [PDF 299KB] 28 29.04.2008
Selling your story—literary proceeds orders under the Commonwealth Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 [HTML] [PDF 107KB] 27 11.04.2008
Postcodes in electoral divisions (2006 electoral boundaries) [HTML] [PDF 167KB] 26 09.04.2008
Australia’s natural gas: issues and trends [HTML] [PDF 243KB] 25 01.04.2008
Health workforce: a case for physician assistants? [HTML] [PDF 530KB] 24 25.03.2008
Electoral division rankings: Census 2006 second release [PDF 759KB] 23 17.03.2008
Superannuation contributions—the soft option [HTML] [PDF 191KB] 22 13.03.2008
Northern Territory statehood: major constitutional issues [HTML] [PDF 237KB] 21 15.02.2008
Electoral redistributions during the 42nd Parliament [HTML] [PDF 60KB] 20 24.01.2008
Political change in North Korea [HTML] [PDF 149KB] 19 23.01.2008
The economic effects of an ethanol mandate [HTML] [PDF 153KB] 18 22.01.2008
Specific purpose payments and the Australian federal system [HTML] [PDF 190KB] 17 14.01.2008
Military superannuation - myths and reality [HTML] [PDF 158KB] 16 10.01.2008
A review of developments in the Job Network [HTML] [PDF 270KB] 15 24.12.2007
State economic and social indicators [HTML] [PDF 165KB] 14 17.12.2007
The International Labour Organisation’s core labour standards and the Workplace Relations Act 1996 [HTML] [PDF 315KB] 13 29.11.2007
Electoral division rankings: Census 2006 first release (2006 electoral boundaries) [HTML] [PDF 528KB] 12 10.10.2007
Thorium in Australia [HTML] [PDF 104KB] 11 17.09.2007
Practice nursing in Australia [HTML] [PDF 375KB] 10 17.09.2007
Commonwealth general purpose financial assistance to local government (revised September 2007) [HTML] [PDF 194KB] 9 14.09.2007
Electoral pendulum 2007 [HTML] [PDF 64KB] 8 12.09.2007
‘Naltrexone or methadone’? Debates about drug treatments for heroin dependence in the context of drugs policy [HTML] [PDF 155KB] 7 06.09.2007
Daylight saving time: summer 2007–08 [HTML] [PDF 94KB] 6 06.09.2007
Australian electoral systems [HTML] [PDF 328KB] 5 21.08.2007
Economic indicators: Whitlam to Howard (August 2007 update) [HTML] [PDF 67KB] 4 09.08.2007
The statistical evidence for offshore outsourcing and its impact on the Australian labour force [HTML] [PDF 109KB] 3 02.08.2007
Superannuation and taxation 2007-08 [HTML] [PDF 209KB] 2 01.08.2007
Media ownership deregulation in the United States and Australia: in the public interest? [HTML] [PDF 1036KB] 1 24.07.2007