Postcodes in electoral divisions (2009 boundaries)

6 May 2011

Paul Nelson
Statistics and Mapping Section


Table 1 – Postcode by electoral division
Table 2 – Electoral division by postcode


This paper provides a concordance of postcodes to Commonwealth electoral divisions based on enrolment data held by the Australian Electoral Commission. It is an update of Postcodes in electoral divisions (2006 electoral divisions), Research Paper No. 26, 2007–08 and it reflects both changes to postcodes since 2007 and changes to electoral division boundaries brought about by the 2008 redistributions in Western Australia and Tasmania and the 2009 redistributions in New South Wales and Queensland. A redistribution also occurred in the Northern Territory in 2008, however, this resulted in no change to the existing boundaries.

The concordance was created by processing electoral roll data supplied by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). These data are a snapshot of all enrolments on the electoral roll as at 31 March 2010. The data do not identify individuals but are simply a count of enrolments classified by locality, postcode of residence and electoral division. The AEC devotes significant resources to ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the electoral roll as well as validating address information and allocating each address to the correct division. As a result, the electoral roll is considered to be the most accurate source of data containing counts of persons linked by postcode and electoral division, although it should be noted that the scope of the electoral roll only covers persons aged 18 years and over.

The concordance will enable Members, Senators and other interested parties to convert administrative postcode data, published by organisations such as Centrelink and the Australian Taxation Office, into electoral divisions.

The concordance information in this paper shows the proportion of people in each postcode that is attributable to each electoral division. Data has been rounded and then adjusted to ensure that the sum of the proportions (the weights) of each postcode sums to 100 per cent. The concordance information is shown in two separate tables: the first table is sorted by postcode whereas the second table is sorted by electoral division. Both tables contain the same information.

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