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Community cabinets in Australia

A new Background Note examines the background, context, approach and activities of community cabinets in Australia. Community cabinets are part of a broader sweep of community engagement initiatives that have been introduced by Australian governments since the 1990s, principally as a means of addressing declining community trust in governments and opening up the policymaking process to greater scrutiny. Community cabinet meetings were introduced by Queensland’s Beattie Government after the 1998 state election. The approach was adopted by the Rudd Labor Government following the 2007 Commonwealth election, fulfilling an election promise that Commonwealth ministers and senior officials would tr... Read more...

Putting citizens first

 In March 2010 the Australian Government released its blueprint for reform of the Australian Public Service (APS) entitled Ahead of the Game. But rather than leading with a focus on policy and values, the blueprint makes citizens the focus. In Australia and elsewhere, concepts such ‘co-creation’ and ‘co-production’ have emerged to describe the deep collaboration needed between public servants, professionals, citizens and communities. Such approaches constitute a major shift in how the task of public administration is conceived and carried out. A recent national conference, Putting Citizens First, was devoted to the theme of citizen engagement, and the Parliamentary Library has also publishe... Read more...

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