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Melbourne by-election results for the Greens

A by-election was conducted for the Victorian state electorate of Melbourne on Saturday 21 July 2012. Vote-counting and rechecking has now been completed, with the ALP emerging as the winning party with 51.51 per cent of votes after distribution of preferences.  The Melbourne District takes in the CBD, Docklands, East Melbourne, Carlton, North Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington and parts of Ascot Vale. According to the 2011 Census data, the population of the Melbourne electorate is generally younger, better educated and more affluent than other Victorian electorates, with a significant proportion of workers employed in the knowledge and communications industries. The Victorian Electoral Commi... Read more...

A Handbook for the 43rd Parliament

The Parliamentary Library recently published the 2011 edition of the Parliamentary Handbook. The Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the 43rd Parliament. The biographical section includes details of the parliamentary service and political career of each Senator and Member, as well as some personal particulars. The Handbook also provides statistics on the age, length of service, qualifications and previous occupations of the current Parliament, together with data on the 2010 elections as well as a map of federal electoral divisions. Valuable lists and tables concerning the history of the Australian Parliament are provided, such as lists of Governors-General, Presiding Officers, Prime Ministe... Read more...

Hung parliaments and minority governments

A recent Parliamentary Library paper examines the hung Commonwealth Parliament, the formation of the minority ALP Government, and voting dynamics in the House of Representatives together with a number of related issues such as the next federal election and hung parliaments and minority governments at the state/territory level.After a hung Parliament emerged from the 2010 federal election (the first in almost 70 years), both the ALP and the Opposition engaged in negotiations with the cross-bench parliamentarians in order to form government. The ALP was ultimately successful, forming government in mid-September 2010 after signing agreements with the Australian Greens and with three of the othe... Read more...

Early election

The House of Representatives that is emerging from the 2010 election, and the fact that the next government will be a minority government, raises the spectre of the electorate going to the polls well before the next federal election would otherwise be expected. If an election takes place prior to mid-2013 it will only be for the House of Representatives and the territory senators; the rest of the Senate will not be in play unless there is a double dissolution.It has been reported that both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have committed to not having an election before August 2013. The fact remains, however, that a Prime Minister can request an election at any time (electi... Read more...

Hung Parliament

The last hung Federal Parliament occurred after the election on 21 September 1940 when Labor and the Coalition of the United Australia Party and the Country Party emerged with 36 seats each in the House of Representatives. The balance of power resided with two independents, Alex Wilson and Arthur Coles, who supported the Coalition and thus enabled the Menzies Government to remain in office (it was sworn in on 28 October). The independents' support lasted until late 1941 when they voted against the budget of the now Fadden-led Coalition Government, leading to the resignation of Fadden and the commissioning of the Curtin Labor Government on 7 October 1941.The UK election on 6 May 2010 resulted... Read more...

Carbon Farming Initiative to fill a policy gap

The Government has announced that if re-elected it will introduce a new regime for landholders, the Carbon Farming Initiative. This will encourage farmers to either minimise carbon emissions or maximise carbon sequestration by altering their forestry and agricultural practices. The initiative would fill the policy gap that has existed since the termination of the Greenhouse Friendly scheme in July 2010. Greenhouse Friendly was initially established as an Australian carbon offset standard with credibility in the voluntary carbon market, but was terminated as part of the Government's planned CPRS introduction. This was to avoid any form of double-counting between the two schemes. Coinciding wi... Read more...

Federal election 2010 - retirements

A number of Members and Senators have announced their intention not to re-contest the upcoming federal election. Nineteen Members of the House of Representatives (12.6% of the 150 seat chamber) and five Senators (6.5% of the 76 seat chamber) have indicated that they will retire at the election:House of RepresentativesBailey, Fran (Liberal, McEwen)Bidgood, James (ALP, Dawson)Campbell, Jodie (ALP, Bass)Debus, Bob (ALP, Macquarie)Ellis, Annette (ALP, Canberra)Farmer, Pat (Liberal, Macarthur)George, Jenny (ALP, Throsby)Georgiou, Petro (Liberal, Kooyong)Hawker, David (Liberal, Wannon)Hull, Kay (Nationals, Riverina)Irwin, Julia (ALP, Fowler)Kerr, Duncan (ALP, Denison)Lindsay, Peter (Liberal, Herbe... Read more...

Federal election announced

On Saturday, 17 July 2010, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that a federal election would be held on Saturday, 21 August 2010. The 42nd Parliament was prorogued and the House of Representatives dissolved at 5.00pm on Monday, 19 July 2010. Key dates for the 2010 federal election are:- Announcement: Saturday, 17 July 2010- Issue of writ: Monday, 19 July 2010- Deadline to enrol to vote: 8pm Monday, 19 July 2010- Deadline to update your electoral roll details (Close of rolls): 8pm Thursday, 22 July 2010- Close of nominations: 12 noon Thursday, 29 July 2010- Declaration of nominations: 12 noon Friday, 30 July 2010- Election day: Saturday, 21 August 2010- Return of writ (latest date): We... Read more...

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