Regional unemployment rates - February 2011

On Thursday 17 March the ABS released the latest regional labour force statistics. These statistics reveal that the unemployment rate around Australia ranged from 1.3 per cent in the South Eastern Statistical Region of New South Wales to 13.0 per cent in the Far North Statistical Region of Queensland.

Five Statistical Regions with the lowest rates were:

  • South Eastern Statistical Region (New South Wales) 1.3 per cent

  • Eastern Suburbs Statistical Region (Sydney) 2.6 per cent

  • East Metropolitan Statistical Region (Perth) 2.6 per cent

  • West Moreton Statistical Region (Queensland) 2.8 per cent

  • Inner Sydney Statistical Region (Sydney) 3.4 per cent.

Five Statistical Regions with the highest rates were:

  • Far North Statistical Region (Queensland) 13.0 per cent

  • Northern Adelaide Statistical Region (Adelaide) 9.3 per cent

  • South Eastern Melbourne Statistical Region (Melbourne) 8.8 per cent

  • Canterbury-Bankstown Statistical Region (Sydney) 8.6 per cent

  • Mersey-Lyell Statistical Region Sector (Tasmania) 8.6 per cent.

(Source: ABS, Labour Force, Australia, Detailed - Electronic Delivery, Feb 2011, cat. no. 6291.0.55.001 )

Senators and Members can find more details on the small area labour market section of the Parliamentary Library’s intranet site at http://libiis1/Library_Services/electoralatlas/SmallArea.htm

Small area labour market page includes unemployment statistics for:

  • Statistical Regions

  • Statistical Local Areas

  • Commonwealth electoral divisions.


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