National fiscal outlook

To assess Australia’s fiscal sustainability and budget challenges it is important to look at the budget position of not only the Commonwealth but also states and territories. These reports examine the revenue, expenditure, net capital investment, net financial worth and the net debt position across all levels of Australian government over the forward estimates period. They provide an update to the national fiscal outlook based on Commonwealth and state government budget updates. A complementary product, the National fiscal outlook: At a glance provides a graphical snapshot of each of the Commonwealth, state and territory budgets. 

  • National fiscal outlook: As at 2016–17 budget
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    Date issued: 02 November 2016
  • National fiscal outlook: As at 2015–16 mid-year fiscal update
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    Date issued: 03 February 2016
  • National fiscal trends: As at 2014–15 mid-year fiscal update
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    Date issued: 29 April 2015