Guidance 01/2014


PBO Guidance 01/2014

PBO analyses of the budget and fiscal policy

This guidance is by way of a reminder that, in addition to preparing policy costings, the PBO is also available to provide information on the budget and prepare a wide range of analyses of budget and fiscal policy issues.

Senators and Members are able to request the PBO to undertake such analyses at any time throughout the electoral cycle. The requests, any related interactions with the PBO, and the PBO's responses can remain confidential if so requested, including during the caretaker period for a general election.

Before submitting a request in writing we encourage Senators and Members to make informal contact with us to discuss the particular issues that you wish the PBO to examine. These informal discussions are important as they can help to define the scope of the work, allow us to make an initial assessment of the resources we would need to allocate to the task, and the likely timeframe for the completion of the assignment.

Unlike costing requests that must be submitted to the PBO on a standard template, requests for information and analyses may be submitted in the format that best explains the issues to be addressed.

After receiving a written request we are more than happy to have further informal interactions, as needed, to clarify any issues that may arise prior to completing our written analysis.

Phil Bowen PSM FCPA
Parliamentary Budget Officer

Release date: 27 February 2014
Contact officer:

Colin Brown
First Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer, Budget Analysis Division
(02) 6277 9530

Tim Pyne
First Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer, Fiscal Policy Analysis Division
(02) 6277 9560