Portfolio Budget Statements 2014-15

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Department of the Senate

Budget initiatives and explanations of appropriations specified by outcome

Budget related paper no. 1.17B

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Abbreviations and conventions (PDF 111KB)


User Guide to the Portfolio Budget Statements (PDF 85KB)

User Guide
   Purpose of the Portfolio Budget Statements
   Structure of the Portfolio Budget Statements

Departmental Overview (PDF 222KB)

Departmental Overview

Budget Statements

Section 1: Resources for 2014-15 (PDF 117KB)

1.1     Appropriations and other resources
1.2     Resource statement
1.3     Budget Measures
1.4     Other variations

Section 2: Outcome and planned performance (PDF 130KB)

2.1     Outcome and performance information
2.2     Strategy
2.3     Expense statement
2.4     Contributions

Section 3: Explanatory tables and budgeted financial statements (PDF 79KB)

3.1     Explanatory tables
3.1.1  Special Accounts
3.1.2  Australian Government Indigenous Expenditure
3.2     Budgeted financial statements

Glossary (PDF 63KB)

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