Section 1: Resources for 2010-11

Budget Statements

1.1 Appropriations and other resources

Table 1.1 on the following page shows the total resources from all origins. The table summarises how resources will be applied by outcome and, in relation to administered resources, reference to the relevant authorised department.

The total appropriation for the department in the 2010-11 Budget is $21.1m (compared with $36.2m in 2009-10). There is a significant reduction in appropriation due to the return of special appropriations to the relevant authorised departments. The department will continue to have third party access to the appropriations to drawdown the funds as required.

The department draws on special appropriations for the payment of senators' salaries and allowances; superannuation; and postage and freight expenses. The resourcing of these special appropriations is detailed in the statements prepared by the relevant authorised departments.

  • The department’s total resources are $31.1m, of which 66.0% ($20.5m) is contributed by total budget year appropriations. The majority of the balance of $10.0m (32.1%) represents an estimate of prior year appropriations available at the commencement of the 2010-11 budget year. Revenue from sales of goods and services ($0.6 m) is 1.9% of total resources.
  • There are no significant adjustments against the 2010-11 budget year.

1.2 Resource statement

Table 1.1 summarises how resources will be applied by outcome and by administered and departmental classification.

Table 1.1: Resource statement Budget estimates for 2010-11 as at Budget May 2010

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