Section 1: Resources for 2008-09

Budget Statements

Department of the Senate

1.1 Appropriations and other resources

The total appropriation for the department in the 2008-09 Budget is $35.0m (compared with $33.9m in 2007-08).

Table 1.1 on the following page shows total appropriations for the Department of the Senate. The department receives annual departmental and special administered appropriations.

The department draws on special appropriations for the payment of senators' salaries and allowances; superannuation; and postage and freight expenses. Annual departmental appropriations are received for the price of the department's outputs.

  • The department’s total resources are $45.8m, of which 76% ($34.7m) is contributed by total budget year appropriations. The majority of the balance of $10.8m (23%) represents an estimate of prior year appropriations available at the commencement of the 2008-09 budget year. Revenue from sales of goods and services ($0.28m) are less than 1% of total resources.

  • Some significant reductions occurred during the 2007-08 budget year. The department applied a one-off 2% efficiency dividend that was in addition to the existing 1.25% efficiency dividend. The one-off efficiency dividend applies in full for the forward years, commencing in the current budget year, and was applied on a pro rata basis for the 2007-08 budget year. The budget was reduced by $0.09m for 2007-08, $0.46 for 2008-09, $0.52m for 2009-10, and $0.58 for 2010-11.

  • In addition to the 2% efficiency dividend there were two other separate appropriation reductions for the 2007-08 budget year recommended by the Appropriations and Staffing Committee on 11 March 2008 that were subsequently approved by the Minister for Finance on 21 April 2008. One reduction is from the Appropriation (Parliamentary Departments) Act No. 1 2007-08 ($0.400m) due to low parliamentary activity caused by the election in late 2007. The other reduction of $11.316m was from the Appropriation (Parliamentary Departments) Act No. 1 2004-05 which was determined as surplus to the department’s requirements. This appropriation represents accumulated prior year appropriations that are held for financial coverage of the department’s balance sheet items.

1.2 Resource statement

Table 1.1 summarises how resources will be applied by outcome and by administered and departmental classification.

Table 1.1: Resource statement — Budget estimates for 2008-09 as at Budget May 2008

Table 1.1: Resource statement Budget estimates for 2008-09 as at Budget May 2008

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