Senate Order on entity contracts relating to the period 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020 (PDF 94KB)

The information contained in this table is provided in accordance with the Senate Order on entity contracts which applies to contracts valued at or over $100,000.

Supplier Purpose of contract Commencement date Anticipated end date Contract value ($) GST incl. Confidentiality provisions
WINC Provision of office requisites 07-Sep-17 06-Sep-22 $465,000 No
Mr Leighton E McDonald Professional advice 15-Sep-14 14-Sep-22 $410,000 No
KPMG Internal audit services 23-Feb-18 23-Feb-22 $351,432 No
AOT Group Accommodation program management services 16-Oct-17 30-Jun-23 $340,500 No
Konica Minolta Printing equipment and supplies 01-Aug-16 31-Jul-21 $332,470 No
Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd Printing equipment and supplies 17-Dec-20 30-Jun-25 $300,989 No
Dr Jacqueline Mowbray Legal advisory services 03-Jan-18 29-Mar-21 $188,799 No
Dr Andrew Edgar Legal advisory services 01-Jul-18 30-Jun-21 $183,800 No
Expense8 Software as a service 24-Oct-17 30-Jun-22 $165,000 No
Entco IT Services Software and web developer resource 01-Jul-20 24-Dec-20 $122,638 No
Elizabeth Montano Independent audit services 01-Jul-15 31-Jan-23 $103,400 No

Estimated cost of complying with this order: The cost of compliance with the Senate Order for the period is estimated at $451.00

Method used to estimate the cost of compliance: Total costs associated in compliance with the Senate Order, include time spent by staff on data collection and quality assurance; and management and administrative support.

Note: The figures provided may differ from those reported on AusTender and as reported by the Department of Finance due to AusTender system thresholds which limit the ability of the department to update figures