Appendix 1—Resources

The section details the department’s resources and expenses in 2017–18, as required by section 17AF(1)(b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014.

The following tables in this appendix correspond to tables in the department’s portfolio budget statements for 2017–18:

  • the resource statement, which provides information about the various funding sources that the department was able to draw on during the year
  • the expenses and resources for outcome 1 table, which shows the detail of the resourcing for the department’s outcome.
Resource statement, 2017–18
  Actual available appropriations for
Payments made in
Balance remaining
(a – b)
Departmental appropriation
Prior year departmental appropriation 10,220    
Annual appropriation2 24,301    
Section 74 receipts (net) 525    
Total 35,046 23,730 11,316
Total available annual appropriations and payments 35,046 23,730 11,316
Total net resourcing and payments 35,046 23,730 11,316
  1. Appropriation (Parliamentary Departments) Act (No.1) 2017–18
  2. Includes an amount of $0.914m in 2017–18 for the departmental capital budget