Report on Performance

Figure 3 – Planned performance


The Senate department is the secretariat to the Australian Senate. All of our functions derive from this purpose and our work is substantially driven by the requirements of the Senate and senators.

We facilitate meetings of the Senate and its committees. We succeed when the Senate and its committees meet in accordance with their decisions, and when senators and others receive the advice and support they need to participate in those meetings.

Program 1 – Advice and support

Secretariat support for the Senate and its committees, and advice and support to enable senators and others to participate in their meetings.


The department's outcome is delivered under a single program, comprising services and activities in the following areas:

  • Advice about Senate and committee proceedings
  • Secretariat support for the Senate
  • Secretariat support for committees
  • Administrative advice and support for senators
  • Public information and parliamentary education
  • Capability, governance and accountability.


The department's activities enable the Senate and its committees to meet in accordance with their decisions – target: secretariat support is provided for all meetings.

Senators (and others) have the advice and support they require to participate in those meetings – targets: advice and support are sound and timely; satisfaction of senators.

Senators are satisfied with the administrative advice and support that fall within the department's responsibilities.

Accountability obligations to the Senate are met.

Public governance and accountability obligations are met.