Annual Report 2012-2013

Senate Annual Report banner 2012-2013

The Department of the Senate supports the operations of the Australian Senate and its committees, and promotes public understanding of the role of the Senate.

This is our annual report for the 2012-13 financial year.

Table of contents

 Annual report (PDF 4453KB)
Letter of transmittal
About this report
(PDF 322KB)
(PDF 89KB)
Clerk’s review
Departmental overview
(PDF 135KB)
(PDF 189KB)
Report on performance 
Performance overview
Clerk's Office
Table Office
Procedure Office
Committee Office
Black Rod's Office
(PDF 145KB)
(PDF 211KB)
(PDF 214KB)
(PDF 181KB)
(PDF 207KB)
(PDF 152KB)
Management and accountability (PDF 202KB)

Corporate governance

Financial statements (PDF 1516KB)

Audit report (PDF 624KB)
Certification by the Clerk of the Senate and the Chief Finance Officer (PDF 116KB)
Statement of comprehensive income (PDF 57KB)
Balance sheet (PDF 34KB)
Statement of changes in equity (PDF 35KB)
Cash flow statement (PDF 41KB)
Schedule of commitments (PDF 42KB)
Notes to and forming part of the financial statements (PDF 151KB)

Appendix 1—Resources
Appendix 2—Staffing
Appendix 3—Compliance with requirements for government agencies
Appendix 4—Contact details
(PDF 189KB)
(PDF 142KB)
(PDF 218KB)
(PDF 120KB)

Glossary and abbreviations list
Compliance index
Alphabetical index*
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(PDF 122KB)
(PDF 480KB)

*available in PDF


For further information about the content of this report, please contact the annual report coordinator: 

Deputy Clerk
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