Appendix 4 - Public awareness activities and publications

During 2011–12, the Clerk and other senior officers made presentations on aspects of the Senate, Senate committees and parliamentary procedure to various Australian and international audiences, including:

  • individual parliamentarians and their staff
  • departmental staff, other parliamentary officers and staff from a wide range of Australian Public Service departments and agencies
  • members of the diplomatic community
  • overseas visitors, including parliamentary delegations and participants in capacity building programs
  • participants in conferences and seminars, including as part of programs conducted by the Australian National University Parliamentary Studies Centre and the Australasian Study of Parliament Group
  • school children and members of the public.

Departmental officers also published papers on the powers, procedures and operations of the Senate or related issues, as detailed below.

Papers produced by departmental officers, 2011–12




Rosemary Laing

A view from the Senate, The impact of minority government on the House of Representatives, seminar, Parliament House

August 2011


Bill Bannear

Curbing the Grand Inquest: legislative v. executive in the United States and Australia, Papers on Parliament, Number 57, Department of the Senate

February 2012

The department maintained and updated an extensive catalogue of publicly available documents and other resources during 2011–12, as listed by category below. Contact details for each publication area are also listed at the end of this appendix.

Materials which are available on the Senate’s website ( or the Parliamentary Education Office website ( are marked with the symbol. Materials which are available in hard copy are marked with the symbol. Materials available on CD are marked with the symbol.

Publications by subject area

Publications on the work and procedures of the Senate

Annotated Standing Orders of the Australian Senate

commentaries on, and amendment histories of, the standing orders

Bills List

details of the status of bills before parliament

Brief Guides to Senate Procedure,
Nos 1–24

practical guides to common practices and procedures

Business of the Senate

a comprehensive summary of business, prepared biannually

Chamber Support Services for Senators

a guide to documents and services provided to the chamber

Dynamic Red

the daily Order of Business, updated online during each sitting day, together with outcomes

Journals of the Senate

the minutes of chamber proceedings

List of Senators

senators’ contact information, terms of service and state and party representation

Notice Paper

the Senate’s daily agenda

Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice, 13th edition

a comprehensive procedural reference work, also available as an e-book

Order of Business

the Senate ‘Red’ or daily program

Pocket Guide to Senate Procedure

a consolidation of the Brief Guides to Senate Procedure

Preparing Private Senators’ Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches: A Guide For Senators

information about preparing bills, for senators and their support staff, also available on the departmental intranet

Privileges Committee 125th Report—Parliamentary Privilege: Precedents, Procedures and Practice in the Australian Senate 1966–2005

the most recent consolidated account of the work of the Senate Committee of Privileges

Procedural Information Bulletin

a regular digest of events of procedural significance

Questions on Notice Summary and Status of Questions on Notice

statistical analyses of questions placed on notice by senators for a parliament, updated biannually and fortnightly, respectively

Routine of business

a guide to the routine of business for sittings days and the time limits for debate

Senate Briefs, Nos 1–16

general introductions to aspects of the Senate, including elections, legislation, parliamentary privilege, the committee system and ministers in the Senate

Senate Daily Summary

a daily digest of Senate business

Senate Statistical Summary


weekly statistics on Senate business

Senators’ Guide to Procedures

a practical introduction to the chamber

Senators’ Handbook—A Guide to Services, Entitlements and Facilities for Senators

information for senators and their support staff, also available on the departmental intranet

Standing Orders and Other Orders of the Senate

the rules and resolutions governing the Senate’s proceedings


online statistical databases, including a list of bills that are possible double dissolution triggers and fortnightly updates of questions placed on notice by senators

The Senate

a brochure about the role and functioning of the Senate

Publications on the work and procedures of Senate committees

Bills Referred to Committees

an up-to-date list of bills referred to committees

Business of Committees

the Senate ‘Committee Red’ or daily program

Committee Office Estimates Manual

a guide for committee staff on preparing, running and reporting on the estimates process

Committee Office Manual

an up-to-date manual for committee staff outlining committee administrative processes and practices and procedural information

Committee Style Guide

style guide for the preparation of Senate committee reports

Consolidated Register of Senate Committee Reports

1970–2004 and annual supplements


a register of committee reports presented to the Senate since 1970

Delegated Legislation Monitor

information on every disallowable legislative and non-legislative instrument tabled in the Senate during a sitting week, also prepared as an annual consolidated volume

Disallowance Alert

an up-to-date list of disallowance actions initiated by the Regulations and Ordinances Committee and individual senators, together with outcomes

Estimates at a Glance

a daily summary of Senate estimates hearings, including links to webcasts and programs

Guidelines for Committee Chairs (short and long versions)

a guide to assist senators chairing committees, also available on the departmental intranet

Guide to Committee Procedure and Practice

an easy-reference guide for committee staff

How to make a submission to a Senate committee inquiry

Notes for the guidance of witnesses appearing before Senate committees

Procedures to be observed by Senate committees for the protection of witnesses

three information brochures for members of the public with an interest in participating in the work of Senate committees

Public hearings/meetings

the program of scheduled committee meetings and hearings

RSS feeds

an alert service for new Senate committee inquiries, recently tabled Senate committee reports and public hearings

Scrutiny of Bills Committee Alert Digests

information for senators and the public about concerns raised by the Scrutiny of Bills Committee in relation to bills and Acts

Scrutiny of Bills Committee Reports

the observations and recommendations of the Scrutiny of Bills Committee in relation to bills and Acts

Scrutiny of Disallowable Instruments

a list of disallowable legislative and non-legislative instruments about which the Regulations and Ordinances Committee has raised concerns during a calendar year

Senate Disallowable Instruments List

a list of tabled instruments for which disallowance motions may be moved in the Senate, published for each sitting period

Senators’ Staff Guide to the Operation of Senate Committees (short and long versions

a guide to assist senators’ staff to support the committee work of senators, also available on the departmental intranet

Work of Committees

a comprehensive summary of committee business, prepared biannually

Parliamentary, constitutional and historical publications

Australia’s Constitution

an online version of the Australian Constitution

Australia’s Magna Carta

a booklet which chronicles the story of the Parliament’s acquisition of its 1297 Inspeximus copy of Magna Carta

Business of the Senate 1901–1910 (two volumes)

commemorative issues relating to the business of the early parliaments

Can Responsible Government Survive in Australia?David Hamer, revised edition, 2004

a comparative study of the powers and procedures of 20 Commonwealth legislatures, by a former senator and member

Eureka and the Prerogative of the People, John Molony, 2004

a booklet commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade rebellion

Papers on Parliament, Nos 1–57

the department’s journal, which publishes the texts of occasional lectures and other essays

Platypus and Parliament: The Australian Senate in Theory and Practice, Stanley Bach, 2003

a comprehensive analysis of the Senate by a former Senate Fellow

Records of the Australasian Federal Conventions of the 1890s

the complete transcripts of the debates that led to the founding of the nation

Records of the Centenary of Federation Joint Commemorative Meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives, 9 May 2001, and of the Sitting of the Senate, 10 May 2001

copy of the official transcript and other records of the centenary sittings in Melbourne

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committees—The First 20 Years, 1970–1990


a general history of the Senate’s committee system

The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate

an ongoing, multi-volume reference work on Australia’s senators, volume 1 covering 1901–1929, volume 2 covering 1929–1962, volume 3 covering 1962–1983 and volume 4 forthcoming

The President of the Senate

an illustrated guide to the role and work of the President

 Parliamentary Education Office publications and other resources

Assignment Assistant

a website for students to obtain assistance and guidance to resources about parliament

Australia’s Constitution

a pocket-sized edition of the Australian Constitution

Australia’s Constitution CD

a double CD edition of the Australian Constitution, for people with a vision or print disability

Closer Look—Parliament verses Congress

a brief comparison of the political systems of Australia and the United States

Closer Look—Governing Australia: Three Levels of Law-making

an explanation, with examples, of Australia’s system of government

Closer Look—A Short History of Parliament

a description of the origins and development of parliament

Closer Look—Australia’s Parliament House

a brief history of the building used by parliament

Closer Look—The Australian Constitution

information about the Australian Constitution, its history and significance

Closer Look—Australian Federation

information about the reasons for federation and how we came to be joined under ‘one flag, one destiny’

Despatch Box Education Kit

a complete kit of props, costumes and other resources to engage students in the work of Australia’s Parliament

Fact sheet series

57 fact sheets covering many aspects of the role and functions of parliament

Get Parliament

a project book about the history, role and work of parliament, for upper primary and lower secondary teachers and students

Get Parliament worksheets

a series of nine practical worksheets to help teachers and students unpack information contained in the Get Parliament publication

Image Library

a collection of over 150 diagrams and photos available for use by teachers and students


interactive games and activities about parliamentary topics for students and teachers

Parliament in Pictures

ten posters and a classroom guide introducing teachers and students to parliament

Parliament NOW

information about the 43rd Parliament and the operations of the Senate and the House of Representatives

Parliament of Wizards CD

teacher resource that introduces primary school students to parliament through the world of magic

Parliamentary Education Office Education Resources Catalogue and Order Form

a brochure providing a brief description of  PEO resources and how to order them

Parliamentary glossary

a list of parliamentary terms and definitions

Parliamentary Lesson Plans

12 lesson plans about parliamentary topics for teachers of middle to upper secondary students

poster of the Senate chamber

A2‑sized colour poster of the Senate chamber

poster of the House of Representatives chamber

A2‑sized colour poster of the House of Representatives chamber

Quick Answers

answers to 113 questions about parliament

Role-play lesson plans and toolkit

seven role-play lesson plans, each with its own toolkit full of resources for teachers, including scripts, templates and diagrams

Role-play the Parliament: A Teachers’ Guide

activities and instructions for using parliamentary role-play in the classroom


a series of seven short online videos about parliament including: What is Parliament, The Senate and The House of Representatives

Publications providing departmental information

Annual report of the Department of the Senate


Corporate plan


Portfolio budget statements


Contact details by subject area

Publications on the work and procedures of the Senate

Senate Table Office

phone: 02 6277 3010   fax: 02 6277 3448

Publications on the work and procedures of Senate committees

Senate Committee Office

phone: 02 6277 3555   fax: 02 6277 3899

Parliamentary, constitutional and historical publications

Procedure Office

Biographical Dictionary Unit

phone: 02 6277 3072   fax: 02 6277 5838

phone: 02 6277 5943   fax: 02 6277 5838

Parliamentary Education Office publications

Parliamentary Education Office

phone: 02 6277 3147   fax: 02 6277 5775

Publications providing departmental information

Black Rod’s Office

phone: 02 6277 3396   fax: 02 6277 3199