Annual Report 2011-2012

Annual Report 2011-2012

The Department of the Senate supports the operations of the Australian Senate and its committees, and promotes public understanding of the role of the Senate.

This is our annual report for the 2011–12 financial year.

Table of contents

Annual report (PDF 5244KB)
Letter of transmittal
About this report
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(PDF 215KB)
Clerk’s review
Departmental overview
(PDF 187KB)
(PDF 512KB)
Report on performance 
Performance overview
Clerk's Office
Table Office
Procedure Office
Committee Office
Black Rod's Office
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(PDF 540KB)
(PDF 513KB)
(PDF 531KB)
(PDF 776KB)
(PDF 310KB)
Management and accountability (PDF 455KB)
Corporate governance
Management of human resources
Management of financial resources
Freedom of Information
Disability action plan

Financial statements (PDF 1610KB)

Appendix 1—Resources
Appendix 2—Staffing
Appendix 3—Compliance with requirements for government agencies
Appendix 4—Public awareness activities and publications
Appendix 5—Contact details
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(PDF 284KB)
(PDF 548KB)
(PDF 275KB)
(PDF 181KB)

Glossary and abbreviations list
Compliance index
Alphabetical index*
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(PDF 209KB)
(PDF 231KB)

*available in PDF


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Usher of the Black Rod 
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