Management of financial resources


All goods and services were purchased in accordance with the FMA Act, the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines and the Clerk’s Instructions.

The department’s procurement plan for 2006–07 included the replacement of photocopiers and the procurement of freight services. The photocopier purchase was not as large as originally envisaged and did not require an open tender. Several vendors were approached, and two companies supplied machines.

Freight services continued to be procured on an ad hoc basis. Due to higher priorities, the planned tender for these services was delayed until the first quarter of 2007–08.

The department conducted an open tender for the purchase of 200 televisions to replace old and outdated equipment in the Senate wing. Other procurement activities included:

  • the purchase of 114 new computers for senators and the Table Office
  • benches for the Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) classroom, enabling replication of both the Senate and House of Representatives chambers
  • several small refrigerators.

The department regularly approached the market for paper products during 2006–07 and conducted several assessments for minor purchases in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

Assets management

The Office Services Subsection, together with the Information Technology and Financial Management sections, is responsible for the effective management of Senate assets.

At 30 June 2007, the department controlled 4,309 assets with a fair value of $3.7 million (last year’s total was 4,619 assets with a fair value of $4.1 million). In 2006–07, 199 assets were added and 509 assets were written off.

On completion of the annual stocktake in June 2007, 109 assets with a depreciated value of $24,139 could not be located. Of these assets, 51 had not been found in the previous stocktake and will be written off.

This year’s stocktake result was an improvement on the previous year. The total number of assets not found was lower, with the depreciated value down by 43 per cent.