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External scrutiny

Survey of senators’ satisfaction

A survey is conducted every two years to evaluate senators’ satisfaction with the services provided by the department. Eureka Strategic Research conducted the 2007 survey on behalf of the department. The survey comprised two stages. The first stage invited all senators to complete a questionnaire and record their satisfaction levels with the department’s outputs. Ten senators were interviewed in the second stage of the survey to obtain qualitative information to clarify key responses to the questionnaire. The report of findings from the survey was tabled in the Senate in June 2007. The results are discussed in this report in the sections reporting on the performance of the individual output groups.

Other scrutiny

The department's performance is monitored by the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration and the Appropriations and Staffing Committee under their terms of reference.

The Australian National Audit Office did not conduct performance audits of the department during the year.

The department was not subject to any judicial or administrative tribunal decisions which had, or may have, a significant impact on the department’s operations