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Corporate and operational plans

Corporate Plan and work plans

During 2007, in consultation with managers and staff, the department developed a new corporate plan to replace the corporate plan in effect since July 2002. The new plan, which sets out the department’s strategic direction for delivering services to senators, took effect from July 2007.

Work plans for 2006–07 detailed work priorities and expected performance results for each output group. Ongoing work reports to the Clerk showed high levels of achievement against the work plans.

Fraud control plan and business risk assessment

The department actively manages risk through plans that are revised regularly and are available to all staff on the department’s intranet.

In May 2007, the department engaged KPMG to assess and revise its business risk management arrangements.

The department began to develop a comprehensive business continuity management framework and plan towards the end of the 2005–06 financial year. The business continuity plan covers all essential and critical business resources and activities; the broader framework includes subsidiary disaster recovery and emergency management plans. The whole framework will be finalised in the first half of the 2007–08 financial year.

The department’s fraud control plan contains appropriate fraud prevention, detection, investigation and reporting mechanisms, which comply with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines.