Parliament House Calendar

Appendix 5 - Public awareness activities undertaken by departmental officers

During 2006–07, the Clerk and other senior officers made presentations to various groups of interested people, such as:

  • parliamentary committees
  • individual members of parliament and their staff
  • overseas visitors, including parliamentary delegations
  • participants in the Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program, the Australian Rural Leadership Program, the annual conference of the Victorian Commercial Teachers’ Association, the Australian Public Service Commission Senior Executive Service orientation program and the Interparliamentary Study Program
  • parliamentary officers and interns
  • visitors’ guides at Parliament House and Old Parliament House
  • schoolchildren and members of the public.

Senior officers also conducted professional development seminars for senators’ staff, staff from a wide range of Australian Public Service agencies, and departmental staff participating in staff development programs.

The Clerk gave specialised presentations on the Senate and accountability to the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship Ethics in Leadership Program; members of the Centre for Democratic Institutions Political Party Development Program; and participants in the ANU Parliamentary Studies Centre and the Centre for International and Public Law, ANU College of Law seminar, ‘Reforming the Senate committee system’.

The Clerk Assistant (Procedure) gave specialised presentations on the powers, procedures and operations of the Senate and its committees to audiences from:

  • academic institutions, including the ANU Legal Workshop and the ANU College of Law—Advanced Military Administrative Law course
  • the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Leadership and Development Program for locally engaged staff
  • a delegation from the Malaysian Senate
  • a delegate of parliamentary officers from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • the Public Service and Merit Protection Commission Indigenous graduates program
  • the Indonesian upper house (Dewan Perwakilan Daera)
  • the National Assembly of Vietnam
  • the Centrelink annual senior staff conference (appearing before estimates committees)
  • a delegation of MPs from Sri Lanka.

Departmental officers also presented and published papers on the powers, procedures and operations of the Senate or related issues.

Papers produced by departmental officers, 2006–07
Kathleen Dermody
At GovNet International Conference, ANU: ‘Reflections on a Senate Committee’ November 2006
Cleaver Elliott
‘Taking parliament to the people: public hearings and public consultation by the Australian Senate’—paper presented at the International Seminar on a Comparative Review of the Norms and Standards for Consultation at the Provincial and Local Levels, National People’s Congress, Beijing, People’s Republic of China July 2006
‘Mechanisms for legislative oversight of off-budget agency funding: the Australian experience’—paper presented at the International Conference on Mechanisms for Management of Off-budget Funding, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam December 2006
Harry Evans
‘Monarchical and parliamentary government in Australia’, Insurance Council of Australia, Canberra Conference 10 August 2006
‘Best stick with terms we’ve got’, Australian Financial Review 28  August 2006
‘Democracy: the wrong message’, Democratic Audit of Australia, discussion paper 24/06 August 2006
‘The government majority in the Senate: a nail in the coffin of responsible government?’, Australasian Study of Parliament Group, Victorian Chapter, seminar in honour of David Hamer, former Deputy President of the Senate 3 October 2006
‘Constitutionalism, bicameralism and the control of power’, ANU Research School of Social Sciences/Australia and New Zealand School of Government Seminar 4 October 2006
‘The Senate’, Chapter 10 in Silencing Dissent, ed. C Hamilton and S Maddison, Allen & Unwin 2006
‘Ethics and public service governance’, CPA Australia, ACT Congress 16 November 2006
‘The estimates test: a safeguard against illegality and impropriety’, The Canberra Times, Public Sector Informant 5 November 2006
Ian Holland
‘Parliamentary committees as an arena for policy work’, in H Colebatch (ed.), Beyond the Policy Cycle: The Policy Process in Australia, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, pp. 66–90 July  2006
At GovNet International Conference, ANU: ‘Scrutinising capacity and negotiating outcomes’—panel discussion November  2006
Rosemary Laing
‘Updates on Parliamentary Privilege—Notes from the Australian Senate’, 37th Conference of Australian and Pacific Presiding Officers and Clerks, Perth July  2006
‘Accounting and Accountability’, Australasian Study of Parliament Group annual conference, Wellington, New Zealand September 2006
‘Accounting and Accountability’, Australasian Parliamentary Review, 22(1): 19–27 Autumn 2007
Anthony Marinac
‘On the first paragraph of section 55’, 34 Federal Law Review 355 2006
‘Shaking the Foundations of Parliamentary Privilege’, Online Opinion 18 September 2006
‘The Cole Report: implications for responsible government’, Online Opinion 12 December 2006
‘Dworkin on the half forward flank: the jurisprudence of AFL’s spirit of the laws’, Marquette Sports Law Review, Marquette University, Milwaukee, 17(2) 2007
‘The year in the Senate—2006’, Australasian Parliamentary Review, 22(1) 2007
‘Who pays the piper?’, Online Opinion 19 February 2007
‘Questions of conscionability’, Online Opinion 29 May 2007
‘A standing committee system on the American model’, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries Professional Journal, 13(1) 2007


Evidence to committees, 2006–07
The Clerk
Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters: Civics and electoral education (appearance) 7 August 2006
Finance and Public Administration Committee: Transparency and accountability of Commonwealth public funding and expenditure (appearance) 8 September 2006
Finance and Public Administration Committee: Transparency and accountability of Commonwealth public funding and expenditure (supplementary submission) 21 September 2006
Finance and Public Administration Committee: Senate order for contracts—proposed revocation (written submission and supplementary submission) 4 September and 12 October 2006
Finance and Public Administration Committee: Senate order for contracts—proposed revocation (appearance) 27 November 2006