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This annual report of the Department of the Senate documents the department's performance for the financial year ending 30 June 2007. It is presented in five main parts.

Overviews Clerk's review: a summary of significant matters affecting the department during the year.Departmental overview: a description of the structure and functions of the department.
Report on performance An assessment of departmental performance, including the contribution of each output group to the department's planned outcome.
Management and accountability A report on corporate governance, external scrutiny, human resources management, purchasing and assets.
Financial statements Audited statements and certificates required by legislation.
Appendices Information required by legislation, together with details of staffing, publications and public information activities.

A glossary of terms, a compliance index and a general index complete the report.

The report is presented to the Senate pursuant to section 65 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999. It is also produced to meet the information needs of interested parties, including:

  • individual senators and their staff
  • staff of the Senate and other Commonwealth parliamentary departments
  • other legislative institutions
  • executive government agencies
  • journalists
  • members of the public.

This report is available on the Senate website: www.aph.gov.au/senate.

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