Department of Parliamentary Services Annual Report 2010-2011

The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) provides essential services to support the work of the Parliament, maintain Parliament House as a symbol of Australian democracy, and ensure that the building, and the important activity that takes place within it, is accessible and engaging for all.


Letters of Transmittal 

Part 1 Secretary’s review (PDF - 166KB)

Part 2 Departmental overview (PDF - 399KB)

Departmental outcome statement 
Departmental Services 
Departmental Structure 
Parliamentary Library 
Building Services Branch 
Infrastructure Services Branch 
Content Management Branch 
Projects Branch 
Chief Finance Officer Branch 
Corporate sections reporting to Secretary, Deputy Secretary and
Parliamentary Librarian

Part 3 Parliamentary Library (PDF - 333KB)

Parliamentary Librarian’s review
Achievements 2010-11 
Strategic and Workforce Planning 
Parliamentary Library overview 
Report on performance 
Program 1—Library Services 
Parliamentary Library Financial Report

Part 4 Report on performance (PDF - 853KB)

Program 1—Library services 
Program 2—Building and occupant services 
Program 3—Infrastructure services 
Program 4—Parliamentary records services 
Program 5—Parliament House works

Part 5 Environment (PDF - 465KB)

Ecologically sustainable development 
Whole of Department / Whole of Parliament initiatives 
Environmental performance 
Case study—Solar panels rooftop pilot 

Part 6 Management and accountability (PDF - 465KB)

Corporate governance
HR services 

Financial statements (PDF only - 1,269KB)

Appendices (PDF - 536KB)

Appendix A 
Appendix B
Appendix C (PDF only - 300KB)


Acronyms and abbreviations 

Compliance index 

Global reporting initiative index 

DPS Annual Report 2010-11

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