Part 9Reference material

List of tables

Table Number Title
Table 1 Summary of Financial Performance
Table 2 2017–18 performance results
Table 3 Number and types of visitor interactions
Table 4 Visitor satisfaction with Australian Parliament House
Table 5 Hansard Service KPIs are achieved
Table 6 Building occupant satisfaction with timeliness and quality of DPS services
Table 7 Parliamentary Library Services KPIs
Table 8 ICT Service standards are achieved
Table 9 2017–18 ICT results
Table 10 Continuity of Design Integrity
Table 11 Building Condition Rating
Table 12 Engineering Systems Condition Rating
Table 13 Landscape Condition Rating
Table 14 Security KPIs
Table 15 Parliament House Works Program KPIs are Achieved
Table 16 Hours recorded and transcribed
Table 17 Hansard—Accuracy
Table 18 Hansard—Timeliness—Committees
Table 19 Access to ParlView on the Parliament of Australia website
Table 20 Total number of meals/beverages served at Parliament House
Table 21 Client requests completed in 2017–18
Table 22 Separation by organisational unit
Table 23 Research services
Table 24 Research services—price indicators
Table 25 Research services—key performance indicators
Table 26 Information access services—deliverables
Table 27 Information access services—price indicators
Table 28 Subprogram 2—collections and databases–key performance indicators
Table 29 Budget (Resource Agreement)
Table 30 Expenditure against budget (Resource Agreement)
Table 31 Revenue
Table 32 Capital Expenditure against budget (Resource Agreement)
Table 33 DPS Audit Committee attendance
Table 34 Employment Performance 2016–17 and 2017–18
Table 35 Entry Level Programs 2017–18
Table 36 Overview of the DPS commencement for staff from 2015–16 to 2017–18
Table 37 Overview of the DPS separation rates for staff from 2015–16 to 2017–18
Table 38 Ongoing, non-ongoing, sessional and casual employees at 30 June 2018
Table 39 Ongoing, non-ongoing, sessional and casual employees as at 30 June 2017
Table 40 Actual salary ranges (excluding casual rates) at 30 June 2018
Table 41 SES base salary table at 30 June 2018
Table 42 Energy consumed at Parliament House, DPS tenancies and by DPS vehicles
Table 43 Annual greenhouse gas emissions (direct and indirect, including passenger and operational vehicle fleets)
Table 44 Advertising costs (ex GST)
Table 45 Legal services expenditure (ex GST)